Thursday, January 15, 2015

Has courteous people extinct?

Assalamualaikum & hello there,


My head is wrapped around the word for days now. Falls into abyss of agitation each day. One of the questions that I keep pondering is “Didn’t your Mama ever told you to say thank you?” Courteous means well- mannered or being considerate. Regardless of our race, religion or deity, courteous is 100% well taught in any believes. The dogma should flow in our veins without second thoughts. Unfortunately though, it would be a rare scene to see such implementation these days. And I am saying this out of my observation for taking trains & elevators on daily basis.

The one thing that aggravates me the most is scenes in the train. There are times where I had to stand the entire 1 hour journey but there are good days where I managed to secure a seat. The concern here is what would you do when see a pregnant lady, elderly people, people carrying a lot of bags, mothers with kids, children or even large waist people (I’m being polite here) hops onto the train and stand right in front of you?

1.      You pretend that you are sleeping and continue to ignore the scene
2.      You immersed with your gadgets and continue to ignore the scene
3.      You offer your seat to one of the mentioned above

You know the correct answer however the cookies no longer crumbles like that these days. If I had a seat, so far, Alhamdulillah, I still offer my seat. Sometimes to the extent of wading through people to bring the aunty to my seat. I know how much you loveeeeee your seat but be courteous people.

Have you ever consider to be in their shoes?
Have you ever tried to empathize them?
Have you ever imagined if this happens to your mother or love ones?

It really breaks my heart as I stood in the train looking on those people in need are standing whilst those who are seated refuse to comprehend & put on a blind sight. The needy are continued to be oppressed but ignorant people. This is today’s reality.

Another annoying scene is definitely the elevator. Once, I was rushing to jump in a partially filled elevator but none had the courtesy to hold the door. They saw me running with my belongings but none was keeping the ajar for me. They all stood away from the door waiting for it to shut. I managed to get in and exasperated loudly “MasyaAllah! Tak boleh tahankan pintu ke??”. On the other hand, if the scene is turn the other way round, very few people had the courtesy to utter “Thank you” in return. That is today’s reality.

Why am I so bothered with these? The answer is simple; I was brought up with an abundance of courtesy where very few showed me or my family the courtesy when needed. I have experienced moments of being at the mercy of people. But no one cared. Yes, people are ignorant and selfish. I understand the suffering and disappointment hence I vowed not to make others endure what I had. 

Be courteous not for people’s praise or approval but do it for Allah SWT. Believe that every little courtesy that you show to others will be rewarded in abundance.

I don’t know who will be reading my rant here but insyaAllah someone would.

Jazakallhu Khyran Kathia

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