Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Amazing Bracelets from ZALORA!!!

I have been reporting for duty for 1 month now and having an office located in KLCC itself is still abyss to digest. You see, KLCC was never my favorite spot to unwind as I reckon the location is too far from Shah Alam and the crowd is just not my cup of tea. I, for one, have become very domestic since motherhood happens but that does not refrain my attempts to shop. So does that means I shop at KLCC on regular basis? To be frank with you; NOT AT ALL. I haven’t bought a single thing here. Not even a lipstick. YET.

I’m the type of person who appreciates comfort over sore feet. Comfort definitely triumphs my mood to shop. For instance; every time I passes by VINCCI or jewelries shops here (be it authentic or cosmetic) I don’t feel compelled to walk-in and browse around. I hate the crowd and dude! I come to KLCC to work, not to shop from 7am ~ 5pm. Of course I miss looking through bracelets, brooches, necklaces, headscarves and even hair clips for Piya but I surmised on-line shopping is still my bestie.

One thing I have been eyeing downstairs but again, I’m so lazy to enter the shops is bracelets. Once in a while, I like wearing it as it camouflage my entire wrecked-mom-look. You know, by waiving your hand around as you talk to make the story more exciting and make sure the attention is away from your disastrous look. It works! Besides, bracelets are a must-to-have accessories when we do photo shoots so yeah, it is really essential people. 

So, you are feeling sooo lazy to walk out from the house but you really want to have a new nice shiny intricate bracelet; what do you do? Of course; for me, I would check-out one of my favorites online hub-store which is ZALORA. Prior checking those “i-buy-this-boxes” you gotta have some clarity on what sort of a bracelet-lady are you? Silver? Statement lady? Or even a charm bracelet person. I reckon that I’m kinda leaning more to a statement lady but I’m drooling over the choices on ZALORA… the prices are insane!!! Waaaay cheaper than those retails. You can get nice ones ranging starts from RM20+. *OPEN EYES WIDER

If you don't know the link, click here ladies bracelet for women online and you will surely join me on the bandwagon babeyh.. Another reason why I love online shopping is this; I get to browse a series of bracelets without moving an inch. Plus, I won’t pissed off any saleslady for walking in a store, asking soooo many questions but walked out empty-handed. My bad!

So have fun ladies! *DROOOOLLL

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