Wednesday, January 07, 2015

How much have i changed?

2015 marks my debut working with a new company; PET.

It made me reminisce my first day of employment with Proton 5 years ago; January 4, 2010. How I feel today is waaaay different than what I felt back then. I was scared, naïve, gullible, reciprocate on instincts, emotional driven, hot temper, sometimes insolent as I have little threshold of tolerance with imbecile & inefficient people and most all I was also driven by prejudice. I always made assumptions on people base on a few encounters only which at the end of the day I regretted those intuitive perceptions.

5 years later at the very same spot, here I stand again as a newbie in an established company. So how are my attributes these days? I would say I am more poised, more of a team player, better tolerance, more calm dealing with idiots, more composed facing with “difficult” people, I have more empathy now compared to before, I ponder on people’s behavior, and most surprisingly I began to flourish my leadership skills. I never knew I had that in me. I always thought those of pulses of being in control but apparently I began to establish traits of a leader. Poyo kan? Hahahahaha…

5 years of gap and I am very much different than the person I was in a similar spot. I would say these attributes were discovered by my fellow superior in Proton and they guided me to propel in constructive direction. Yeap, my superiors, my friends; Razman, PakCad, Zabani, Azlan Styling, K. Yati, K. Neng and most of all my dearly beloved K.Mia.

K.Neng once shared with me that Allah SWT gives us hidayah (hints) at all times. It is around us. It is everywhere. It is actually the matter of our heart, mind and soul to see them. To decipher them. It took me awhile to understand this notion but as it began to unravel, it made me realized that Allah SWT wants us to respond instead of react because respond is a result of calculative thoughts whilst reaction is a result of impulse. So whenever I am succumb to any situation be it by people, task or environment, I would take 1 step back and reflect on the situation. So this is where I began to notice that my superiors whom I mentioned earlier on did everything in their power for the sake of my improvement. I realized that now.

Dear Razman, PakCad, Zabani, Azlan Styling, K. Yati, K. Neng and K.Mia, I doubt that you guys will read this post but allow me to commemorate my gratitude. Thank you for everything and do believe when I say I am who I am today because of your teachings. Syukur Alhamdulillah Allah SWT crossed our path because it made me realized too that Allah SWT made us acquainted for us to learn from each other.

Thank you. 

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