Monday, January 05, 2015

A new year ahead

January 5, 2015

Happy New Year peeps! Sooooo, how did you celebrated yours? Mine? Terrific!! Fluffy pillows, soft blankie, warm bed aaaaand great evening programs on the TV. Mine was great! #motherhoodhappens

A new chapter with PET. 1 month has passed since I first reported for duty and it has been quite pleasant so far. I have a great partner in crime which is very important monsieur for it will either make you or break you. I have a great boss too whom I surmise very much akin to my previous Head of Dept in Proton. Whatever it is, I am currently (still) in a good state. So far. *sigh

In conjunction with 2015 debut, like others, I too have my own resolutions. I have it but I don’t normally filled them though. It just stays there up my board looking back at me every time I stare into space. Having said that, there are a few things that I’m quite certain of :-

1.       More runs

I want more runs. I am confident to do 10km now and I do aim to run once a month. I feel fresh, vibrant, energize and buoyant every time I reached the finishing line. But I do curse a lot while I was running though such as Whyyyyy oh whyyyyy did I join this??? Yeaaaaah, it happens. I feel proud wearing the medal after I completed the run. I don’t know; I just feel more powerful of myself. It is as if I have achieved greatness and explore my potential. Poyo kan? I know… (- ___-)

2.       Make friends amend foes

Well, yeaaaah… We’ll see about that… Hhhmmm

3.       Austerity Drive

As I was just about to taste the cream of my new salary scheme, we are being hit with a terrible news; the harsh waves on world oil price. So the company will be on austerity drive which also means I need to refinance myself and minimize my debts as low as possible. I’m so glad I made the right decision to move here.

4.       Babies?

To be frank with you, I miss being pregnant. I miss holding a tiny baby fresh from the oven. I reckon that the experiences I had with Piya educated me to have a better control in the event of another knocked up. Do pray for our sustenance yea as Allah SWT plans are always better than ours.

Well, this is simple mere of what I can think of right now. More resolutions will come along the way. All in all, I’m feeling pretty happy at this moment. I don’t feel crap over work anymore and that my friend is extremely important.

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  1. semoga tahun 2015 tahun yang bermakna... =)

    Jom cuci mata di blog saya "untuk modern mom"