Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 : What a year


What a year it has been. Many ups and plenty of downs too. I’m writing this entry with puffy eyes and a swollen face. Reminiscing the year and the things we have endured encourages you to read between the lines. We may foresee a tip of an iceberg ahead but we never know the unforeseen iceberg’s diameter lies beneath the cold unfazed sea. If I have a scale that measures happiness, I would say the pin would lean more towards sorrow this year. So yeaaaah.. What a year it has been.

Globally i would say the biggest thing that touches my heart the most was the commotion happened in Palestine. I really couldn't accept that. I even asked my panel during my 2nd interview with Petronas to make donation via sms. The tragic that took place was really unacceptable.

Malaysia is definitely experiencing plenty of difficult endeavors this year. Drawing global attention for non-constructive reasons. Catastrophes related to aviation field, at one time we were too hot & dry and now we are facing raining days leading to flood at some regions. The worst flood recorded since the 70’s. Those poor families. I can’t imagine myself being in their shoes but I do empathize them. The toll death is increasing and many of them were children & elders. My colleagues from the induction program are pulling a pool of resources for donation to the flood victims. More so and so when we have a couple of the peeps experiencing the disaster back at home. So we channel our donation through them upon their return on weekends.

For me, my personal trials would be the point when I decided to leave Proton. That was hard. Secondly, it would be the minor operation that I went through. The aftermath affected me physically & mentally hence leaving me to struggle on gaining life balance again. A passing of a close friend from my former company the late Kak Intan Dawinee... MasyaAllah SubhanaAllah... Hari Raya was celebrated moderately as I was clouded with ultimate sadness..

 Lastly, the passing of my beloved cat; Berry. We found him in 2006 since he was a little baby. He passed away yesterday due to aging & the illness that comes along with it. This. Is. Tough. Dealing with deaths. It may just be a cat to you monsieur but it was a dearly beloved child to me. For cat-lovers like me, our affection to them is very much akin as loving a child. So never joke about this. You never know that you may hurt other people’s feeling on expressing your thoughts. If you can’t comprehend & fathom them, just hold your peace. Some thoughts are better left unspoken.

My eyes are so swollen right now. Accompanied with a pounding headache. I have lost my appetite too but that should be could as an attempt to be slimmer. I cried so hard last night especially when my brother allowed me to see Berry for the very last time. He was ‘sleeping’ in such tranquility. He looks so serene. And I will have to learn on ‘letting’ him go. *tears on my keyboard

I never thought that 2014 would end like this. I really hope 2015 would be more kind and pleasant to me. My family. My country. 


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