Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Mother's Day

Assalammualaikum and hello..

Whenever I look up the calendar, there are few months that mark a prominent place in my heart and one of them is May. It is the month where Uncle Din and I got engaged, Piya was born and obviously Mother's Day. I adore May and Alhamdulillah it has been great so far especially with the generous modeling jobs. 

 I celebrated Mother's Day much simpler this time. Not only did I had a fashion show that day, I treated my family using the modeling fee I got that day. Well, that's the whole purpose right? Working hard to give some comfort to the family ait? It doesn't matter how we celebrate the day but the thought that matters. Uncle Din was such a darling for looking after Piya while I strut the runway. Usually I would bring them as part of the audience but apparently the ambiance wasn't appealing and suitable. I left them at home and I hate doing that. So right after I wrap things around 5.00pm, we went to One Utama for a dinner treat. 

 A simple yet meaningful appreciation. Especially watching Piya giggles when she does her cute gestures, listening to her scramble yet talkative mouth (she is sooo pelat) and when she wiggles her small rear. Basically I love everything about her. She may not understand the reasoning behind Mother's Day but for me, it is a day where I reminded myself of how much I have mold Piya. She's my canvas and my reflection. 

And speaking of which, this is what I gave to my beloved Mama. She is not a woman of luxury so she deserves to be pampered once awhile. I began to appreciate her and fathom her attributes when I became a mother myself. It is the toughest job in the world and I understand that now. I really hope she is proud of me, of what have I become. I may not marry a rich husband as she hopes but I've reciprocate by being a poise woman. Furthermore I have realized her dream throughout my modeling career. She was always worried because I grew up as a tomboy (I have 3 brothers and all my cousins are boys.. What do you expect?) and I do notice her sigh of relieve.

 As usual, the notion of celebrating Mother's Day sparks different views from different angles. Some advocates the thought while some says it is not in line with Islam. The concept is obfuscate in so many ways. An ustaz posted this in Facebook which contradicts with another renown Ustaz. The other Ustaz said it is Haram to celebrate Mother's Day...  Not to mention the fact that I'm not his biggest fan, I cannot vouch which one is correct. 


 And yeap, that's my comment to the photo. Somehow or rather I think it was a child's act that longs for the mother. Children associates balloons with happiness and most probably the mother reminds him of that. But we'll never know the truth hence please stop judging people based on assumptions.

Mama always say to me that Mothers become next priority once a person is in love. They no longer become the one who you highly sought after once you're in love or you're married.

So ponder on that.

Thank you for reading my rant

Jazakallahu Khayran.

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