Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Modeling is hard work

Assalammualaikum and hello...

My entry would be short, sweet and simple. I'll try.

Lazada is a virtual hub where they sell like almost everything! Kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets, toys, makeup, perfumes, fashion and recently they climbed another notch by launching muslimah attire. They're still green so you gotta bare with the available selection.

 I am given the opportunity the represent their muslimah line and to be frank with you; I seriously don't have an inkling how long will they keep me. It wasn't easy to be a part of their team as the head of fashion team has outlined attributes that not many Malays can cater. The models must be tall (around 170cm), slim, sharp features, big eyes, edgy look, camera friendly, big smiles, beautiful face and most importantly easy to work with. How do I know these? Because I helped them scouting models and man..... It was freakingly tiresome and exasperated. So how did I got the job in the 1st place? I was recommended by one of the labels that Lazada is selling and apparently Lazada does not have a pool of resources. Yet. So yeah, it was mere luck. 

 Gathering compcards were not as easy as I thought it would be. It was so bad that I develop an agonizing headache which eventually worsen to a slight fever. Oh.... I felt like a wrecking ball. I was trying hard to put on a good face last week so that Uncle Din would allow me to join the marathon that I signed up on Saturday. Alas! I really had tried but my body was terribly aching hence I missed the marathon. To amend things, Uncle Din treated us Spiderman 2 which apparently is Piya's current obsession. We had a great time but I was struggling to remain compose beneath those pounding heads and aching body. 
My fervent hopes; I even exercised early in the morning to prove that I'm well
 I started the week with Lazada at their new studio which is incorporated in a warehouse at Subang. The new studio may be nearer but the traffic was no less friendlier. The shoot was fun and all but I'm not sure how I can endure another one. If there is one. Being new, there are plenty of room for improvement. There was only 1 small aircond, 1 mobile aircond, 2 table fan and no air ventilation at all. As models, we wore a jumpsuit underneath the entire time; a long sleeve turtleneck & an inner neck. Each one of us had easily around 20+ attire to change and to style our own turban. 

 As I said, the job was fun but it required a lot effort to bare with. I felt like being hold in car with a broken aircond for 9 hours. The ambiance was so stuffy and really uncomfortable. Well, it's a warehouse for goodness sake right? The misery after taste is still around as I'm writing this post. I've vomited liquid for many times throughout the day, feeling nausea, my head is pounding and I really feel like crap. I can't sleep which is unfathomable and I don't get a good night sleep either (who does after having kids??)..

So who ever said that our job is easy peasy will get a smack in the face... We had to bare with the stuffy heat ambiance, stand for hours and remained cheerful in front of the lens. Some jobs offered generous payment, while some were compromised. 

Modeling is hard work.

Thank you for reading.

Jazakallahu Khayran    

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