Monday, April 28, 2014

MILO Breakfast Day 7km Fun Run 2014

 Assalammualaikum and hello there...

Last week was the peak of the month where I have to manage monthly meetings at my work place. A lot has happened and I do mean A LOT. But fret not, we'll pen things accordingly if I'm in the mood to share them yeah..

So I've joined another marathon on April 20, 2014 which was MILO Breakfast Day 7km fun run. I read that more than 20,000 people participated in the run and that is epic! I simply love runs that have big coverage and activities too. I love joining such prominent runs so that my 'resume' seems more appealing. You know, joining important runs for a good cause has more added value don't you think?

 Well, we departed from home quite late that morning causing us to arrive late as well. As we approached the place, the 7km runners were already on the loose hence I had to start running from the mosque... Pfft! 

The 3km runners were waiting for their turn and thankfully I didn't mistaken them by staying put for the whistle. I really had to motivate myself to think positive and not let the tardiness affected my mood. I only got to do some stretching for 5 minutes and off I went. Along my way I stumbled upon familiar faces and that was fun. Normally I would run solo but this time I had running buddies.

 I was truly mesmerized by the beautiful scenery of Putrajaya. And did you know that morning runs is the most effective way to burn more calories? Yezzzzer... I like that~ Being a calorie counter freak, of course it would matters. I wasn't bothered enough to take photos while running as I was focusing on the road but others were taking selfies carrying the monopod in hand. Some even stop for awhile and took photos of the beautiful scenes. Again, I wasn't bothered. What matters is that I want to finish this run and improve myself. I love running and that my dear is the key of success.

 Finished my run at 66 minutes (everyone was provided with a timing chip) at number 1684. Not bad huh? My spot was at number 1684 against 20,000+ runners! That is awesome! Wah laaa weyh!! Happy happy happy! 

 Upon collecting the finisher medal, met some more familiar faces, did some photo shoots and of course went to look after my family. 

 Uncle Din is soooo nice.. This man.. Always supporting my interests and keeping me company. He had to look after Piya too as Piya had a little fever. I do hope one day he would join me & perhaps we could run together. Piya? Well, she could join too by staying put in the stroller.. 

The only downturn of the day was that there were too many people as people came with families & friends. The breakfast tables were congested, there were long queues everywhere that kinda put us a little bit off..  

 Nevertheless, I had an amazing time. And I hope to inspire mothers to be active and join a run. Start with small runs such as 3km or 5km. Be healthy and be a good example to your children as parents lead by example. Let's teach our kids to put down those gadgets and play outside.

Thank you for reading and do enjoy the photos.

Jazakallahu Khayran

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