Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A healthy activity for us

Assalammualaikum and hello....

I surmise it's kinda palpable that I love running right? You haven't notice? Where have you been dude.... Anyhoooo, YES, I do love running. I never expected that I would feel affection for the entire concept of jogging or even joining marathons. I was never much of a sports person ever since school. Yes, I've participated in netball and sprint runs but just for the sake of curriculum which was made compulsory on everyone... Plus, I was always sought after because of my height, not because I'm talented.I could still remember how I was approached by my seniors including the school's starlet Kak Vanessa where they persuade me to represent our Red House Team in 100m run.. What a bummer..... 12 years later and whaaam! I love sweating.. I love running, doing Jazzercise and considering to return swimming. But for now, I'm so immersed with this...

Inspiring.. source from Mr Google
 Uncle Din is truly my knight in shining armor. Imagined that he would accompany me to ALL my runs where we have to get ready as early 5.30am? Furthermore, he has to look after Piya for 1 hour while waiting for me to cross the finishing line. Thankfully Piya is more sober and her terrible-two-attitude has subsided. She understands instructions and listens.. Well, sometimes.. So after accompanying me for 4 runs now, I successfully inculcate the interest in him. He began by inquiring on the routes, my preparations, the other runners and even shoes. I just told him "Sayang, as long as you have the passion, everything will come into place". 

So, tadaaaaaa! Someone just bought a new pair of shoes. Aaaaauuuw... Cost him RM200+ so I'm gonna make sure that he will optimize the utilization. 

 To officiate the shoes, we joined my aerobic ladies at Denai Alam Lake for a morning jog. Did you know that morning jog burns more calories? Hehehe... *caloriecounterfreak*

 He had fun but he still needs a lot of practice. For me, I'm practicing to push the stroller while runner. It sure takes a lot of my energy as Piya is 14kg man.... I was panting when I completed my 1st round (800m) and wasn't sure if it was a good idea... Nevertheless, this is definitely a new chapter for us.

 Thank you for reading

Jazakallahu Khayran

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