Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Duwa Ashyia Aladdin

Assalammualaikum & hello...

Piya is gonna be 3 this year and we are exposing her to plenty of cartoons, outdoor activities and a lot coloring. I'm really eager in developing her motor skills knowing the fact that kids at such age absorbs her surrounding like a sponge.Parents lead by example and hopefully I'm leaving a positive legacy as her preference. Some mothers are talented cooks, talented in sewing or prefers window shopping. Well, I prefer to have things going at the current rate. We'll see if I could say the same when I have 2,3 kids huh.

So outdoor activities? Check! We take her to playgrounds and join me in my marathons. She doesn't run though but I jog around the perimeter with her subsequently.  I'm encouraging a healthy lifestyle beyond the suffocating technologies. Feel the grass, feel the breeze, look up in the sky and have fun with nature.

 Coloring books? Check! We used to bring play-doh every time we are out especially while dining. I prefer to occupy her with development stuff and reduce exposing her to play games over Samsung tablet. Play-doh is so yesterday. I've inculcate an interest in coloring books and she would bring them along in her small kitten bag.

Cartoons? You name it! Ayah downloaded plenty of cartoons for Piya ranging from contemporary genre to classical ones. In fact, she paid full attention watching Gulliver's Travel 1939. I was yawning all the way even though classical movies from the 40's are one of my favorites. The movie was too long and I hate twisted tales. And oh! I'm not a fan of Alice in Wonderland too. Pppffft!

Giler classic kot.... I love classical movies but this one requires plenty of patience
 Now; here's my detailing thoughts... It's been years since I last watch movies from the yester years such as Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin & The Little Mermaid. These movies recall a gamut of memories from my past but it never overwhelmed me even once. Until today. I watched the cartoons when I was 8 year old (or less.. Can't recall) and being a kid, I was bewitched with characters, storyline & songs. I felt as if no one could understand me except the songs; an ugly dark girl who is being pushed around for being ugly.. I was lonely.. So lonely.. And it was a terrible feeling. A feeling that I want to steer away from Piya.. So, as Piya was watching these cartoons, I encourage her for a duet because I believe kids who sings have a brave soul.  I want her to be confident, poise & brave.. I don't want her to endure the pain of insecurity..

Back in the days, each movies would commercialize one song and they instantly became a hit! My favorite until today would still be Aladdin "A Whole New World". The song gives me goose bumps and imprints me. I love the singers (They had a one-hit wonder We Could Be In Love) and their voices are mesmerizing. When I scrutinize the lyrics, suddenly it occurred to me that the song is deep. It has a deep meaning. It has substance. I only took notice of these today because I'm a mother. I tend to appreciate things better now. I even humm the song while working on my keyboard in the office. The song residue nicely with me. It has an assuage-after-taste.

So yeaaaah.. I'm being mushy here.... I'm a mom, get over it! And oooh! Guess what I found from Zimbio Personality Test? The question was "Who would be your true love Prince from Disney?" Guess who fits the picture? 

Aladdin baby.... 

Perhaps I should groom Ayah's hair looking like Aladdin. You know, to keep the romance aliveeeeee..

And to advocate that, guess what Piya calls herself?

"Sayang, nama sape?"

"Duwa Asshyia Aladdin..!"

Wahahahahaahahaha! Adooooi...

Her full name is Durra Elfieya Aizuddin.

Thank you for reading my fickle gibberish.

Jazakallahu Khayran  

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