Thursday, April 17, 2014

My first Benefit : Dr Feel Good

Assalammualaikum & hello there...

Doing what I'm doing requires me to learn my own makeup. The reason being is that it is an added value in applying jobs and you get to determine your final look. The perks of being a model right? For the past 1 year, I've observed how the MUAs did their magic using all sorts of brushes & makeup brands. I'm an engineer hence I do observe. Observe, learn and practice. Some of the touches does fascinates me while some just irritates me to the core. It was a good thing that I listened to Kak Azlia; founder of Get Gorgeous Boutique. She advised me to take makeup lessons from MUA's that I reckon are satisfying and eventually do my own thing. Thankfully I did.. I took lessons from Cik Sarah Hatta & CikQu; my favorite MUAs.

Now, speaking of being observant, most of the MUAs use the same available products such as MAC, Bobby Brown, NYX, Revlon, FCC, Shu Emura etc. So once I'm seated on the comfy chair offering my face to be painted, I would glance through their tool box to note on the stuff that they're using. But one particular photo shoot caught my attention though. It was the shot that I did for Hijabista Magazine March 2014. Unlike the other makeup, the MUA applied my face with a balm to moisturize the skin and for glowing effect; so she says. I was taken aback by the gesture as I was not familiar with the technique. Plus, being a novice, I must admit I never heard of the brand. It was so humiliating when my face puzzled upon being made known of the product because the it is a prominent brand. But of course I displayed a very convincing face instead. And this is what I'm talking about.

Dr. Feel Good by Benefit

Every makeup-avid-lass is familiar with Benefit only I didn't. Hehehe silly me.. When the MUA rub the balm on my face, it felt soothing, cool & fresh. The makeup felt fresh, I felt excited and most importantly the end result was gorgeous. It does gives you an incandescent radiant effect after all.

The makeup
The editorial
 As I'm still learning on doing my own makeup, I was determine to get this Dr. Whatnot for myself. I did visited Benefit store at 1Utama and was left confounded reading the price; RM115 for this small can? You gotta be kidding me...... The price did deter  my intentions but the thing is, I have one big fat problem; I can't daunt things that I yearn to posses. It's haunting and bloody annoying. So, like a school girl, I piggy-bank in order to afford them. And voila! After 3 month of saving, I finally have my very first Benefit.

Subhanallah... Ironically, the name does upholds its status. I do feel good every time I applied the face balm even on weekends. It's expensive so I need to optimize the usage. And before I end my entry, it wouldn't be fun without a glimpse of drama huh? Piya is easily enthused by aero planes. As we live near the Subang Airport, we would definitely cross paths with flying planes whenever we are out and Piya would be so giddy! Unfortunately for her, while we were on our way to complete my mission of grabbing the balm, she missed aero plane's sight and cried.... It was really funny that I struggled to suppress the hysterical giggles begging to burst out. 

Well, her mood changed when I asked for a selfie and she really is getting cheeky these days.

 That's all for now. Thank you for reading my detailing thoughts.

Jazakallahu Khayran

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