Thursday, April 03, 2014

Juggling this & that

Assalammualaikum & hello..

Just a quick update; 

Yesterday I was on Emergency Leave due to inevitable circumstances which took place prior. Remember my previous post that Piya was under the weather? Well, apparently the doctor missed out one crucial medicine which aims the inflammatory throat. I did asked the dispensary prior checking out but they said that antibiotics should be good enough. So I went back to the office like norm and as I was schedule for a photo shoot that night, I prep myself in the ladies rest room. Bahahaha! Never thought that this would ever happen to me; doll up in the office. Pfft...

Model & MUA : Yours truly
 While I was applying my whatsnot, the principal called and said that Piya was terribly ill and there was no signs of improvement. That's strange.... MakTok fetched her promptly and I rang up before leaving the compound. She said that Piya was warm but is fine.. Thank goodness.. So off I went for my photo shoot. Apparently neither Uncle Din nor MakTok wanted to worry me. As I reached home around 3pm, I was terribly shock to find that Piya was weak & awake while Uncle Din was sponging her tiny body. She was at 39.9 oC.. Subhanallaaaaaaah.... I struggled to remain sober and compose as I was extremely exhausted.. And now this...? I remembered that I still kept a bottle of the inflammatory medicine in Piya's medical kit but Ayah didn't found it. I reckon he was just as exhausted as I am. So I gave Piya the medicine and watched her sleeping soundly. Her temperature began to deter and I too, began to fall into a deep sleep..

 With the history of febrile fit, we kept on checking her body temperature and Alhamdulillah she was stable without any spike after taking the medicine. As I keep mentioning to my friends and my previous posts, viral fever is normally caused by inflamed throat. Treat that and InsyaAllah she will be fine. Piya was obviously tired and so was I. MakTok scolded me for worrying about work more than caring for my daughter. She was right though. I can find another job but I can't replace my family. So I took a leave and stayed with her the entire day. And guess what we did?

Visited her former babysitter. Piya has a close rapport with her Ummi and I don't mind that. Ummi has tremendously contributed to Piya's upbringing. We may have parted ways but I don't intend to burn the bridge behind. Better still; to even pick a bone with her. I love Ummi... Glad we decided to give her a visit because Piya loves her.. She played hard and dozed off in the car..

Well, that's about it.. wish me luck for tomorrow peeps..

Jazakallahu Khayran

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