Monday, April 07, 2014

Avon perfume set..Oooh La Laa Laaa

Assalammualaikum and hello..

My head is clouded with so many issues at the moment and I feel so fickle. Obscure perhaps as I have so many things to manage. I don't want to blame the day (Yes, it's Monday) but hey! Ironically it is kinda in parallel with Monday Blues... I don't know.. But one thing did cheer me up today though..

And it is this..


Women of Earth collection from Avon... Hhhhmmmm... *smile

I grew up with 3 brothers and they were nasty. They're kind now (well, they've aged) but back then, they were such an arse. My parents didn't know what to do with me or how to handle a daughter. I was never taught to groom, to doll up, to shop or even to wear pretty neat clothes. Baba used to bring me along with my brothers to a mamak for a haircut, bought me Polo shirts (pink, red & yellow to make them feminine), I have never worn a skirt on any outings and I had to inherit clothes from my elders in case I want new ones. That bad huh.. 

One day, I found an Avon bag looking dapper on the dining table. It belongs to my mom and I was as curious as a cat. Of course curiosity kills the cat (I was caught one hand in the bag & the next thing I knew I got a nice palm stamped on my cheeks). If only Sweden's law is enforce here in Malaysia back then, my parents would be in jail for life. Anyhoooo, I may had a stingy smack, but I achieved on grabbing something. It was a packet of perfume samples. It smelled really nice and I hang on to it for many years. It was the only thing that draws me nearer to become more womanly. Every time I was overwhelmed by my awful brothers or encumbered by my parents, I would roll the small perfume on my sleeves and immersed into the serene aroma. The fragrance gave me tranquility which no one could offer. I was all alone with those perfume samples with tears running down my cheeks; every time.. I felt instantly loved... 

20 years passed by, I could recall that composed smell. Thankfully a colleague is an Avon dealer and collect orders. So without much ado, I bought the entire set and I'm truly one happy girl. I noticed that people couldn't fathom the hardship that I went through as an adolescence. Well my dear, my present is formed by my past. My experiences taught me to be strong and move on. Always make the best out of bad situations. Even if it is with a packet of perfume samples. 

 Thank you for reading.

Jazakallahu Khayran     

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