Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Another Fever & Called-Off Duet?

Assalammualaikum & hello there...

I punched in late today; again.  Oh dear..

I was up as usual at 6.00 am when suddenly we noticed that Piya was warm. She slept well last night  though hence we didn't notice she was experiencing discomfort.  She spiked a fever at 39.7 °C and that is bloody high. Thankfully Uncle Din and I remained composed as we have experienced a series of high fever with Piya. So I just gave her a dose of Paracetamol and waited patiently to consult a doctor at 8.30am (doctors at Alam Medic Clinic comes in easily around 8.30am even though they claimed to be a 24-hour clinic... pppffft!). Our hypothesis was that Piya is experiencing throat inflammation hence causing a viral fever aaaand the good doctor vouched that. See? Experiences does comes in handy.

Well, we've experienced worst times preceding this and the top notch would definitely be the time she had febrile fit. She was only 1.5 year old. Subsequently, a series of viral fever & sleepless nights took place. Once, we consulted a Pediatrician at Klinik Kanak-Kanak Aman Sec. 9 Shah Alam. The clinic is a one man show so you just have to bare with their operating hours. The good doctor (who has a spitting image of DS Anuar Ibrahim) is a genius; the thumb rule of fever is to always check the throat. Kids don't fathom throat inflammation and most of them don't have an inkling idea to tell us. So treat the throat and InsyaAllah the fever will deter. 

And being a mother, we are definitely their number 1 choice during hard times. Ayah speeds off to work as usual while I had to manage things and punched in late. I hate coming in late and I am my father's daughter; rule-abiding citizen. Nevertheless I get to enjoy one thing though; an ephemeral of convivial time with Piya. We always sing along to nursery rhymes and I do encourages her  to sing her heart out. Well... Maybe a bit too much when she wouldn't stop singing "Let it go" for hours.. Anyhooooo, this morning she requested "5 little monkeys" and played it in the car. I was singing along with her when suddenly she said "Ssssh... Diam.. Mama Diam.." while she continued singing complete with the facial expression... What the heck...?

"No more monkeys jumping on the bed" with the doctor's expression
 So yeaaa... Piya is beginning to call me off during our duet and I feel beguile. I was her singing rudder for goodness sake. Sabor jer laaa... I'm having a photo shoot tonight right after work which also means she would be in bed upon my return. Hate being a working mom........

Thank you for reading people.  

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