Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Unnecessary Eye Infection

Assalammualaikum & hello there..

Resumed working today and it feels odd. I was on MC last week Thursday & Friday and I just returned from Uncle Din's kampung Kelantan last night. Super exhausted.. Super annoyed.. Super worn-out.. It has been a tiring week for me especially coping with my poor health. So for today, this is a story about my MC last week. 

I am an avid fan of contact lens. I remember my very first experience was on my wedding day and I have been wearing them ever since. Not every day though. Only when necessary especially for my photo shoots. The lens uplift a model's beauty making us differ than the conventional Malay eye color. Not to say that au natural is not beautiful, but lenses accentuate the makeup and draws attention.

Me & my lens.. pffft!

 So I just bought a new set last Saturday and like many other days, I washed them and wore them during an outing with my family. But how foolish of me; new lens must be washed thorough unlike the ones you have been wearing daily. The chemical that contains the lens is very strong and not friendly to your eyeballs. So what happen if you simply wash it lightly and stuck it into your eyes?

Voila! An eye infection..

C'est la vie (such a life).... hhmmm..

My left eye felt so sore on Monday and the doctor told me that the weather also contributed to the infection hence I need to practice extra care on wearing lens. The following days were truly excruciating. The infection focused on my lower lids and I could sense the stinging pulse every now and then. My visions remained good which strikes out conjunctivitis and I did not have any eye discharge. It was simply an eye infection. My eyes look swollen and it was worsening. The region was spreading south until I could no longer contain the pain. Somehow the antibiotics were not working and everything started to give me pounding headaches.

On Wednesday, I follow-up at the same clinic and the doctor was stunned. He showed me that the swollen region was spreading asked me to go to the nearest hospital ASAP. Aaaargh... so bloody annoying... I hate going through long tedious procedures. As Sushi King was offering the RM3 sushi week, Uncle Din took me out for sushi preceding enduring annoying hospital procedures. Auuuw.. What are husbands for right? 14 plates and each for only RM3? Yeaaah baby.. I was definitely lighten up!

Following our sushi treat, we had to endure 2 hours of waiting at Sime Darby Medical Centre, Subang Jaya and the doctor gave me a different antibiotics. I was required to see an Ophthalmology (eye specialist)  the next day as he couldn't do much. Well, at least I did not have to stay in as predicted by the good doctor at the clinic just now. 

I went for my eye appointment with Dr. Ulaga and he is great! He examined the eye lid and gave me a very simple explanation. Apparently the infection blocked my eye drop pit. Due to that, my eye became dry, itchy and inflamed hence the water retention on my face. He further explained two acne-form appeared right at both corners gave us an opportunity to clean the eye without any minor surgery. I consent the doctor to clean my eye as I am not a big fan of any kind of surgeries. With using two cotton buds, he squeezed out both acne. MasyaAllah.. The intense pain! I was already screaming holding back the pain and kept on saying "Beranak lagi sakit... beranak lagi sakit! Aaaargh".. Sakit siot.....

So lesson learn from this experience; wash you lens 200% thoroughly. Better still, don't bother to wear lens on a hot hazy day will ya?


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