Thursday, March 27, 2014

My new love ; Malady Couture

Assalammualaikum & hello there..

If you have been following my blog, facebook or my instagram, it is kinda palpable to notice that I am a big fan of shawls. I detest the instant hijab as it makes me look older and I don't perceived them flattering. I'm sorry.... I know that there are many new designs, styles and even designer wear such as Sugarscarf, Ariani & Radiusite but I don't know. It ain't my kind of thing... Besides, more often than not, the instant hijab are getting more 'busy' these days with the layering designs and I find them redundant with the attire. I find them inapt. I believe in matching my tudung gracefully with my attire. I believe in wearing plain simple shawls against pattern blouses or pattern shawls with plain blouses. Matching tudung with your attire is an art and my knowledge is neither vast nor half of that. I still have a lot to learn too.

Arguably, even shawls have many design and pattern these days. But my heart still holds on dearly to plain, monotone & simple shawls. I have plenty of RM10 shawls because the quality is good enough. What matters is that the material is good, the pattern is simple and the design is evergreen. A true fashionista can style simple shawls gracefully without the assist of intricate designs. Less is more baby. Do you want Joan Rivers to knock you in the head? *Fashion Police Alert!

So speaking of which, I stumble upon a new profound shawl from Malady Couture and the shawls took my breath away. I truly love their monotone colors, how the shawl drops elegantly covering my chest and the high quality material. Chiffon baby! It is very important to seek wide shawls as they provide better coverage and c'mon ladies. You do concur that covering aurah is beautiful right? Yeaaa, I thought so.

And voila! My lemonade shawl from Malady Couture! 

See how simple is the design? The colors? The material? The width? Oh my... *faint.... I love the shawl very much and don't have the heart to wear it on an outing with Piya fearing she might smudge it with chocolates. Uurrgh.. The thought... Malady Couture is a local boutique that patented their design which means you won't find them elsewhere. Kak Mass Mohamad; the founder designs her own stuff with limited editions. I find this intelligent and I appreciate the notion. Something odd & uncommon from the rest huh? Yeaaaa.... I thought so too.. Being different makes you stands out in the crowd..

So here are some examples of wearing them and the available colors. 

Kak Mass's models are among the most renown in Malaysia (eceeewah) such as Putri Sarah Liyana, Linda Roslan & Eyfaqila.. 

Hamek kau! Kelas kan brand nih? Model top2 jer... x amek model picisan mcm I nih... Kne top dulu baru boleh apply nak jadi model Kak Mass.. And here is another shawl from Malady Couture that caught my attention. An instant hijab shawl! 2 in 1.. Acaner tuh??? Pakai instant tapi nampak mcm shawl... Camner pulak tuh? Cenggini... Tengok Kak Mass pakai yea..

 Haaaa... That's all for today... Saja nk share my excitement berkenalan dengan shawl yang best.. Weeee.... Nanti nak share pasal crumpled shawl pulak yea... 

Thank you for reading ladies.. 

Jazakallahu' Khayran

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