Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kids And Such

Assalammualaikum & hello there...

I cancelled an outdoor photo shoot with one of my favorite's photographer; Incik Baha due to palpable reasons. Actually a laundry list of reasons. The opaque atmosphere is not deemed as safe to play outside anymore and being a creature of appreciating mother nature, I truly feel tormented to remain quarantine indoor. It makes me feel numb. Not that I don't have any house chores to do, I do, but staying in is suffocating. Incik Baha was kind enough to re-schedule the shoot and I do hope to cross paths with him again. 
Making time to be with her
 Now, speaking of playing outside, I resorted trying JKids at One City on last Saturday. They have several branches but I opted One City because neither Uncle Din nor Piya has step a foot here. I don't intend to elaborate on what the heck is JKids 'cause you can Google on that. Rather, I would like to share on several rigmaroles (is it consider as nonsense?) Perhaps several mishaps that took place.
All indoor playgrounds require the parents to accompany the child at all times because they are not some nursery for you to leave the kids and enjoy tea time with friends. The kids must be under parents supervision & not to bestowed the responsibility to the staff, CAPISH? Well, it is easy for me to say because I only have one kid but hey! Kids are sustenance from Allah SWT so strategize if you are taking them out.
Now.. while Piya was playing with the slides, swings and even swim in the pool of balls, I sat there waiting patiently & keep an eye on her the entire time. That also gives me the chance to observe other kids & parents too. There were dads who flounces with their kids, there were grannies teaching toddlers to stand and there were preggers who relaxed by the sofa. That's simply great.

But two mishaps took place that day so please please please make an exemplar out of this. 


These two kids were playing together upstairs but I didn't notice the parents. Perhaps they're sitting downstairs I told myself.  As they were playing, suddenly I notice a woman begin shouting and raising her voice to the big sister. I presumed that must be the mother. She kept asking "Where is your brother? Go and find your brother?!". I was sitting upstairs with another mother who informed me that the little brother was nowhere to be found. Everyone including the staffs were scouting for the boy and as everyone has guessed; the boy went outside. Cut to the chase; someone negligently left the main entrance door ajar and the boy slipped out. He wander to the lift and ended up at the Ground Floor. The mother went hysterical calling out for the boy and someone solved the puzzle when he saw a little boy walking all alone by himself while a mother was screaming frantically. That poor mother..


See this kid? Haaaaiyaaaa.... The parents left him even though the staff have informed that you can't leave your kids unattended. But they did anyway. Being a boy, I guess you can imagine how he played right? I don't want to call him violent, that would be rude. (Bersangka Baik) Maybeee he was overjoyed with the place.... (c'mon.. bersangka baik.. bersangka baik...). He joined us playing at the pool but I was really stunned by his abrasive ill-manners. He picked up the balls and began throwing at Piya. He even jumped on Piya while Piya was 'swimming' and continue to 'play' with Piya. So (as usual) I shouted at him and asked him to leave. Behave or leave! He made the right decision to leave. It didn't stop there. He punched a mother, jumped on the girls, threw things at other kids, screaming and yelling like Tarzan. Like I said; overjoyed... Pffft.. 

Now this is the fun part. Apparently he fell and knock his mouth. I reckon it was painful as he began to weep and look for his mother. His mother was not there; she left the boy to do some shopping even when it was against the policy. The staff tried to soothe him but he kept running, hiding and weeping. He even came up to me uttering "Mommy... Mommy...". You know what I did? 

Me : Where's your mommy?
Boy : I don't know...I want my mommy..
Me : Your mommy's not here.. She doesn't want you.. You are naughty...
Boy : Mommyyyy...! I want my mommmmy.... (And cried even louder)

I know.. It wasn't nice but I held grudge for what he did to Piya & others. The boy finally decided to sit with the staff by the counter. The parents return 'collecting' the boy after 1.5 hour. I stood in front of them but decided to remain mum. No mother likes to hear that their child is naughty or what so ever.. I just hold my peace...    

The crux of this entry is this; try your best to keep an eye on your kids.. You don't want to raise a bully nor watch them bullied.... All the best mommies..


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