Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bersangka Baik


I'm under the weather since yesterday but feels much sober now. It is just that time of the month where my hormones are all over the places, ranting at even the slightest rigmarole and the worst part is carrying an abundance of emotions for the past one week. So today, I'm much sober (back to normal) and in progress of accommodating the excruciating pain that's integrated with it. As a matter of fact, I was too immersed and drown with my emotions that I even posted this in my IG:-

 Uuurrrgh.. What can I say? My emotions were rampant. I came across of many chagrins that causes me to desolate. Part-time career wise; you are not always at the top. You are not going to stay as the crème of the crop forever. Sometimes people adore you but this field has a dateline. People are always being replaced with the green ones. Fresher look. Edgier style. YOUNGER. There is still room to grow & flourish but the sooner you learn to accept the truth, the sooner you be on one page with fatalism.

I'm not getting younger
 NEVERTHELESS, 2014 is the year for me to embrace this notion "Good thoughts" or simply "Bersangka Baik".. I always tell myself that if I'm turn away from something that I deemed as good for me, maybe, just maybe, it was not good to Him hence He is directing me to something better. There... Good thoughts... Good thoughts...

Parenting wise; last Saturday we went to Giant Sec. 13, Shah Alam for lunch and as usual Piya would implore to play at the indoor playground. So yeah, I asked Ayah to accompany her while I went into some shops. As I arrived at the playground, I scouted for Piya and she was crawling to cross a bridge. I stood there observing her and suddenly something was amiss. A kid who was about her size was playing rather violent with the rest. He reached the bridge from the opposite side but refused to wait for Piya to complete her trail. He stood midway in front of Piya blocking her way. Then he kicked her in the face. Piya screamed but that didn't stop the boy. In a reverse mode, Piya was crying hysterically while the boy continue to kick Piya until she if off the bridge. Normally I let Piya handle her own fights and refuse to interfere. But this was too much. I stood in front of them and yelled "Hoi! Ape nih? Nape main macam tuh?!" Ayah gave me that morbid look and immediately took Piya away. 

She cried exactly like this with tears running down her cheeks
 I was extremely filled with rage and refused to let this go away. I trailed the boy's movement and noticed the mother. He had a little sister who was playing by the slides and she too was roughed by the boy. 

Now I had 4 choices:-

1. Slap the boy
2. Slap the boy and the mother
3. Walk away and continue to rant about it at Uncle Din
4. Confront the mother with great audacity

I wanted to choose option #2 soooo bad but I pick #4. So I went up to the mother and told her what happened. She apologized and even said "I accept everything about my son.. I'm sorry.. Is your daughter Ok?" The apology did help to calm me a bit but deep down inside I really wanted to slap that boy so hard. Later in the car I asked Piya where did the boy kicked her? She showed me her tiny nose and said "Sakit Mama"... 

Again, 2014 is the year of GOOD THOUGHTS:-

1. Maybe the mother was struggling to handle 2 kids at a time
2. Maybe the boy thought Piya's cheeks were soft balls
3. Maybe the boy saw an X mark on Piya's face begging to be kicked
4. Maybe it was my fault for allowing Piya to play at that time of day
5. Maybe that boy is really an arse

I posted this story in FB and I don't have any intention to criticize or judge parents with 2,3 kids but my sole intention was PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR KID (S) AT ALL TIMES. It hurts to see your kid being a victim but it is even worse if your kid causes pain to others. That shows bad parenting.

Thank you for reading people. 

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