Friday, March 07, 2014

Anak Boss


On last Sunday, I was invited to join a fashion show and model for Butik Andaman Ainy; a boutique whom I've made acquaintance with a few months ago. The modeling job required me to represents her traits for festival perkahwinan at Plaza Alam Sentral. The MUA was Kak Nda; a close friend of mine and I really super love her touch. She understands my face very well and very talented to accentuate my sharp features. Dari tak mancung, jadi mancung. Dari tak gebu, jadi mulus. Gitew...

Butik Andaman Ainy.. Muka sekapal kan?
 I was so lucky that Kak Nda gave me the freedom to invite 2 other models to join the fashion show. So after much deliberation and making a few calls, the job went down to 2 models whom I adore so much. I have a personal agenda with each one of them which kinda emphasizes towards making the selection. 

Nina K : Julia Hyori : Dorawantan
 Nina K : One of my very 1st model acquaintance. We met during Hijabista's casting back in February 2013 where both of us were still green and out of shape. The downturn from Hijabista became the pillar of our portfolio today. Means; if it wasn't for that rejection from Hijabista, both of would remain the same person without working harder. Today, I've model for Hijabista while Nina K is well known in the fashion show industry. 

Julia Hyori : I met her during the 1 month iftar fashion show. I can't explain this and I don't know if you could fathom this notion; there are times where you can simply 'click' with a stranger as if you have befriended for a decade. Besides, I fell in love with her beautiful face at first sight and she is such a doll..

Joking around.. I seriously love them..
Ketaq lutut weyh..... Dah laaa lapar...
I have done quite a number of fashion shows but I was not keen on sharing them here. It is just another fashion show. But, this one differed from the rest because of this small fella. Not so small but she is still schooling. My little fan... 

Anak boss weyh..... (shock!)

Terkejut mak masa tuh tau.... Mak tgh siap2 practice step tiba2 isteri boss datang tegur.. Mcm nak pengsan tau... ape pon, I really appreciate the kind gesture of seeing me. The young lady couldn't stop smiling and she was so adorable. Malu i.......... Any fan is worth to be appreciate. 

Chop! Perasan tau ader peminat..... Ntah2 die nak amek hati mak jer..

Thank you for reading people...

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