Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Happy Birthday Ayah


A lot of things have happened but prior commemorating those, I would like to commemorate yesterday's special day. It was Uncle Din's born day and he just turned 32 year old.... Yeaaaa! He is older than me folks but looks can be deceiving. People often mistaken him as my younger brother which I deemed as so bloody annoying. And yet you men wonder why women is concern on appearances huh? 

I don't intend to share a lot of PDA here as that has never been my trait. Just these simple photos of how exclusive and private we celebrated him. 

After finishing my training at Glenmarie, I immediately scouted for Nasi Arab & a birthday cake. Learned from previous experiences (Ayah is a very private person), I decided to have things done at home. So I set up the foods nicely and waited anxiously for him. Piya on the other hand was a little impatient though. She was holding the cake knife (the plastic triangle shape) for awhile and keep telling me that she wants to grab the cake. I literally had to hold her down and reminded her that the cake is for ayah. So when I noticed ayah has returned, we lit the candles, shut the lights and he walked in the dimmed room that was relying on lights from the candles. And we jumped out behind the bedroom door and shouted "surpriseee!"

 Hehehehe... Ayah is a very simple man. And I'm glad he appreciated such small gestures. Besides, we decided to enforce austerity drive this year and keep things frugal. 

*notice how Piya smiles these days? She has grown up so much....

Happy Birthday Sayang.

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