Monday, February 24, 2014

My 1st medal : IJN Run For Your Heart 2014

Assalammualaikum & mooooorniiiiing..

Lovely Monday.. Isn't it? Lovely laaa sangat...... My entire body is aching as I'm writing this entry. It was also aching when I got up today, bathe, drove to work and walking from the parking lot to the office. It hurts when I stand and it hurts even worse when I walk... Huaaaargh... What am I experiencing at the moment? It is called post-run-pain. Yeaaaaap! I did another run this month and joined IJN Run For Your Heart 2014. This is an annual event organized by IJN aiming to promote a healthier lifestyle by jogging and exercise. 

 There were so many runs this month and I came down to this option as

1. It is only 8km

2. No time limit; you just need to complete the run

3. You will get the finisher medal despite your lousy timing

Last month I tried a 3km run and have been practicing a longer route. I could only do 5km so far but if you follow any health workout tips in Instagram, they always encourage you to push yourself and challenge your limit. That's why I decided to do the run even though my training was under limit preceding the run. So the run took place at Padang Semarak, Taman Wetland Putrajaya. Thankfully the admin team is very active in Facebook and even provided photos of the trail, map & GPS coordinate (2.968898, 101.694897).

 I couldn't sleep that night and was lying restlessly in bed. All races normally gather at 7.00am but as this race took place in Putrajaya, that would be 45 minutes of driving for us. Which also means we gotta leave home around 6.00am. So I woke up at 5.00am, bathe & stretch, packed Piya's stuff and packed food for my cheerleaders. As we reached the spot, it was still at dawn and I just love the cool morning breeze touching my skin. I was very much giddy and anxious for participating something beyond my limits. Can I do this? This is 8km man. I had never reached 8km so far. Can I do this...? Subhanallah.. Tolong laaa aku Ya Allah... and yeap... my mind was immersed with these thoughts ignoring Piya's ceaseless amazement of mother nature while walking to the gathering point.   

As we reached the gathering spot, it was truly one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen. The sky was dimmed in Neapolitan and filled with heart shape balloons. Subhanallah.. Did some stretching and make my move to the starting line. Everyone was excited, taking photos and warming up. As I ran all by myself, I was more focusing on coordinating my run. And then the horn was blown. 

Right before the run

Sempat ber selfie ooo
 Why am I fond of running these days? Can you fathom me if I asked you this; don't you wish that you could just run away? Just run in any direction with no bother of the traffic, of what people would think of you, of your children, of your responsibilities, of your safety, of being robbed and just run? Can you imagine yourself running freely and being stress free? You have the opportunity to focus only on yourself. Some would opt for a spa but I chose running. I felt like running away from this life just for awhile. And the best part is, you have to focus & cooperate with your body. When I was running, my mind separates from my body so I felt as if my body is a different person. It was totally mind over matter. My mind preside my worn out body and keep motivating it to keep going, keep running and imagine the finishing line is just around the corner. 

I keep on running accompanied with blustering music knocking my ear drums to keep the adrenalin rush at bay. All sorts of people joined this run; all shape and sizes. All sorts of rapport; Singles, couples, groups and even families. I was really taken back when I saw a mother running with a friend while pushing her daughter in the stroller. When I stumbled upon her again, she was carrying her toddler while walking to the finishing line. Subhanallaaah.. I don't think I have the strength to carry Piya in a marathon.. I saw the finishing line and was running to end this darn 8km and suddenly I heard a small voice; "Mamaaaa! Mamaaa!" MasyaAllah... Uncle Din and Piya were sitting by the sidewalk WAITING FOR ME... Both were smiling and waving.. I felt like an Olympian siot... 

 Giler x cun siot muka lepas lari.......... (-__-)"
Once I reached the finishing line, the admin team handed over the finisher medal. Alhamdulillah.. I've been wanting this medal so bad, so long and finally I earned. It feels so good to earn something that you have been longing & yearning. It makes the entire sweat and pain worthwhile. 

My 1st finisher medal

I was already over joy with my success of completing the run when suddenly my number was called for a lucky draw! Waaaaaa! I dropped my belongings and ran to the main stage. I keep on jumping until the emcee saw me because he was about to forfeit my number thinking no own was present to claim the prize. And this is what I got...

Tadaaaaaaa! Digital Blood Pressure! And I don't know how to use it...... (-____-)

To wrap up my story, it was truly fun indeed. A friend once asked me why was I so bothered with the medal because if she was in my shoes, the medal is invaluable & would add more mess to her keeping. My answer is simple; legacy. One day, when I have 3 or 4 kids, I get to tell great stories to my children of keeping a healthy lifestyle & inspire them to exercise. And when I lost my model physique for bearing children, the medal will be a reminder that I was once great and CAN BE AGAIN if I'm willing to do it.

Thank you for reading..   


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