Wednesday, January 29, 2014

School and such


 Piya is unwell. 

I fell asleep early the night before leaving Piya in Uncle Din's care. We woke up yesterday noticing that Piya has developed some coughing. Based on our past experiences, normally this would lead to evil phlegm, sleepless nights and a nebulizer. Maaaaaan... hampeh ayah Piya..... (-___-)"

Took her to Alam Medic Clinic at Bukit Jelutong and coincidentally we were consulted by our favorite dear doctor; Dr. Sebastian. He has been checking up on Piya since Piya was 4 months old and he can be a great paeds. I love his service and his empathy on the patients. He fathoms your pain very well, treat others with respect  and will not prescribe unnecessary meds.

As Dr. Sebastian listened to her lungs, he said that Piya has viral phlegm. One of her lungs was developing the phlegm progressively and causing her to breath rapidly due to insufficient oxygen. Plus, her singing & dancing in the clinic were contributing to the breathing too. What differs this from asthma is; asthma attacks both lungs whilst one of Piya's lungs is working perfectly fine. She was prescribed with 2 medicine; one to dilute the phlegm and the other to open her pores for more oxygen. See? No doctor have ever explained this to us.  

Besides this drama, another matter that was a lot for me to digest was Piya's schooling. Apparently the headmistress informed that Piya is showing lesser interest in playing and keep sneaking into classes which she was not registered for. The teacher continued describing the scene where she felt overwhelmed to turn Piya out from the class hence allowed Piya to be one of the students. I was really holding back my tears even though it was apparent my tears were collecting at the rim of my eyes. Imagine your child is rejected from class because she was not enrolled for it. That's really painful.

My poor baby girl
The teacher continued explaining that Piya is enrolled for playschool for the moment as she is observing her milestone. She keep reminding me that it is very bad for parents to push their kids forward before their time. Piya was expected to start her class in May when she has reached 3 years old. But then, she has already shown interest in learning and her aptitude was noticeable. I don't know.... While the teacher was explaining I keep visualizing my daughter rejected from class with a sorrow face... The teacher wants my consent to enroll Piya in advance which is 4 months earlier than planned.
The learning covers bahasa, english & islam. That's kinda a lot to digest.... I don't know...... I might just go with it though..

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