Friday, January 24, 2014

Fashion show is hard work


Fashion Shows.

When I told people of my involvement with Fashion Shows, I noticed people would be in awe. I can fathom this state as I too used to be in such stance. The lineup models are always deemed perfect with their dimity garb, flawless faces, perfect physique and illuminates poise audacity. I would drool glancing at them and wish deeply in my heart "If only I can be like them".

Well, I can tell you this; YOU ARE WRONG........

Flawless faces? 3-inch makeup babe. Perfect physique? HELLO..! Yours truly..??? I'm a plus size model okay... And I can vouch only a few of my model acquaintances fit that description. Others are just like us. Poise on stage? NOT.. No matter how experience you are, you will still get butterflies in your stomach when you are queuing for your turn as the music rolls. Counting steps, memorizing the aisle, having control over shaken limbs and most of all; putting on a pompous face. It is not as easy as you think. The worst is if you are one of those facing wardrobe malfunction.

Makeup 3 inches? Done!
 People think it's an easy fun job, I can vouch you that it's hard work. Remaining compose in front of a crowd who are perfectly strangers to you is not easy. Parading intricate garments requires effort. You voluntarily allowing people to scrutinize you under the microscope and must boldly accept critics & comments. Nice comments are constructive but even a tad of bitterness would leave you mortified.

I had 2 challenging Fashion Shows and the toughest would be during the Iftar Fashion Show at Shangri-La Hotel Putrajaya. I've learned that every designer has their own perception of beauty. Hence, their designs differ in the sense of silhouette & material to meet the desired foppish notion in mind. So having a fit physique and not slender as per the description (with my height, I'm supposed to weigh less than 50kg. I'm 62kg), it brings you down. Knowing that the runway dresses are usually small in size, I was struggling to remain composed while walking. Once, I had to walk in tiny steps that I kinda resembles Japanese in kimonos. It's tough.

Another experience I had was donning this beautiful jubah dress by Getgorgeous. The hem line was pooling at my feet! I'm already 5'6" and standing in a 6inch heels yet the hem line was pooling at my feet. I literally had to hang on to it and remained composed. Later I was reminded by the owner to release the dress as it was distracting. I survived but man! I was sweating like mad! 

So when this happen to sweet girl, I cringed (like the rest of the audience too) and felt pity for her. Poor girl.

She fell during Elie Saab Fashion Show recently
 I don't know why I'm narrating this... Maybe because I empathize her.. You poor thing...

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