Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zimbio Personality Test


Work oppression.. Not so much on the task given but the exasperation is more leaning towards liaising with so many people. People and their attitude. It just so happen that the project I'm coordinating is at its peak making me feel arduous. The laborious work required me to work from morning till night and skipping meals. The ceaseless task was a further annoyance when I had to work from home on holidays, weekends and even at night. All of this makes me ponder; what the hell am I doing? Why am I doing all this? Why am I so committed and killing myself? Would could had happened if I choose to turn one cheek on all these callings like some people I know? There are people who are so bold to ignore their responsibilities because they know the boss will ask someone else to do it for them. And yet, these people does not feel guilty at all. Shame on you.......

In such stance, I stumble upon a link in FB which was shared by friends on personality tests. Unlike the norm so-called personality test, this is more of a quiz on which movie character defines you best and shares the same attributes. I took the quiz with hopes I could have a better understanding of myself because it would be much easier relating oneself to movie characters. 
And here is my results.... 

1. Which Disney Princess Are You

 Pocahontas baby! I really felt awesome afterwards. I love Pocahontas. She is beautiful, strong, independent, assertive and an epitome of strong will women. 

2. Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You

 April Kepner girl!! Maaan! I'm a big fan of Grey's Anatomy and have been following the TV series since episode 1 season 1. April is kinda new to the show and initially I was not so fond of her especially the ceaseless disparity with Lexie Grey. But once she took off as one of the main cast, her veracity deserves a standing ovation. It's hard to explain but I totally get her. I'm Kepner by the way!

3. Which Mean Girls Character Are You

 Gretchen Wienners...? Errr I beg to differ.. I'm not that lame and definitely not a minion to a heartless queen bee. I'm NOT....

4. Which Harry Potter Character Are You

Okay this kinda freaks me a little. I'm so akin to Luna..?? C'mon! I do understand her gypsy mind where she advocates "spread love, no war", her perennial optimistic attribute and definitely she does not give a damn on what others think of her. Am I like that....??
5. Which Star Wars Character Are You

Damn.............. This really scares me.. At least I'm not Choowiee.. or R2D2..

I admit I endured a struggling childhood and countless deprivation but I think I have overcome that. I believe I am better now today and deepest gratitude is to my husband who guides me to study Islamic knowledge through readings, sermon and mosque; you know just to have a better understanding about everything. I don't blame Allah SWT anymore nor punishing my parents. I don't blame fate nor my vicinity. I don't wanna be Darth Vader and this means that I have a fragile heart with high tendency to fall to the dark side. Woooow.. This is deep.

After completing all 5 quizzes, 1 thing I learned is that experiences mold my presence. I don't regret for what has happened but I don't intend to repeat them. Experience is the best teacher in life. In this regard, I need to improve oneself and sustain the good values to improve my future. Wisdom comes with age and I still have a lot to learn about life. I guess this quiz does answer my question up there. The character is deeply rooted and this is just who I am.....

Do try out the test here.Perhaps you too could understand your personality from a different angle.

Thank you for reading people.

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