Thursday, January 16, 2014

How time flies..


My girl is growing up.. too fast.. Once she was just a chubby baby of mine and now she is a kid. Standing tall next to me hugging tightly on one leg, I just realized how much she has grown. Even though she is looking more akin to ayah each day, I'm still her best friend and I'm trying hard to maintain that stance. Ayah is more on the disciplinary terms hence it's no wonder she would run to mommy seeking for comfort in times of pain. Having said that, I'm also trying hard to be a teacher too. Home schooling la konon and it's tough! She perceived my teachings as playing and prefers to play rather than listening to what I had to say.

I keep reminding Uncle Din each day the importance of focusing on Piya's learning. I admire a good friend of mine whose husband is so lovey dovey by day and puts on a strict teaching hat by night. Their daughter was so well home schooled (of course there were tuitions too) that recently she was enrolled as Standard 1 at a private international school. I'm in such awe when the mother shared on her daughter's achievement; straight A's...? And even the best student in a multiracial class? Are you freaking kidding me?? I'm trying hard not to compare Piya with that freaking intelligent kid of theirs but you gotta have an idol to motivate oneself. 

Last night Uncle Din played ABC with Piya. Much to my surprise, Piya listened to his instructions and follow suit the subsequent alphabets! What...?? How come she listens to him better? Casual to mention that we are trying our best maneuvering her interest on brain teaser games albeit brief. Suffice to keep her occupied on brainy activity.

 I began to realize how hard it must have been for our moms during those days. They had no internet and refer solely on books or inheritance tales. And yet we still turn out all right. I always ponder how do moms do it? Guiding your children without a single scold? That's tough man. Merely tough. But not impossible. One of my resolutions this year is to invest in parenting guide books (one way to encumber my itchy palm to shop) and focus on Piya's brain development activities. I hope I can do this.  

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