Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New toys for Piya


Yesterday was a public holiday for Malaysia in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul; the birth of our beloved prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW (pbuh). 12 Rabi'ulawwal. It was so wonderful to see most of the social networks that I'm apart of were flooded with selawat on Nabi Muhammad SAW (pbuh). One of my favorites was shared by my ex-schoolmate Syed Zain or more commonly known as Zainhd via Instagram

Isn't it beautiful? It truly is. Gives you that serene & tranquility thought of knowing our great leader once lived with such impeccable etiquette, leadership and others that rhymes with it. He is truly an example for others to follow suit in our pursuit of certain aspiration that we are indeed lacking. Subhanallah.. If only Malaysia's leaders today would embrace this and make an exemplar out of it. Uuuurrgh..

Uncle Din had a meeting on Monday at Labuan and it was a day trip. He departed from home as early as 5.30am and reached home at 11.30pm. Knowing that he was extremely exhausted, we didn't make any plans yesterday. Just a detour to Aeon Bukit Raja running errands for my mom. One of the many things that I like about Aeon Bukit Raja is the kids corner in level 1. You will find a splendid range of toys for toddlers and believe me Piya was looked obfuscate on which toy to pick. After spending hours browsing through the options, we finally settled with these:-

1. A jigsaw puzzle

This was her 1st time playing with such conundrum and she was very immersed in analyzing and figuring the shapes out. A true brain-teaser! It was hilarious watching Piya baffled with the shapes.  Ayah was patiently playing with her until he got annoyed by the cameraman (which was me) who keep asking them to pose and smile. Oooops.. Just wanna commemorate the moments laa sayang. Even though Aeon Bukit Raja has good selection of dining restaurants, we were actually quite resolved with their food court because by far, this is the only food court that caters well for kids. So we settled there playing jigsaw puzzle with Piya and had our frugal brunch. Well, you gotta be frugal these days unless you wanna stuff your tummy with kangkung. (-___-)

2. A portable magnetic white board

I've been eyeing this for awhile and the only toy akin to this was a stand board with dual purpose; be it a white board with markers or a blackboard with chalk. I don't fancy blackboards as I had enough of them throughout my 11 year of schooling. So no blackboard and chalk for us please. Expanding on that, the colorful ABCs was very appealing and helps to draw Piya's attention. She blithely played with them.... for awhile.... and then she began to dream that the alphabets were airplanes. *sigh

 The day was still young and the weather was not encouraging to make laundries. I became so bored as Piya has dozed off while watching ABCs; her current obsession. And boredom leads to cooking or baking or any paths leading to calorie land. Oh my. So I did this; a simple recipe I found that bakes a mug cake in 1 minute. I was so glad getting the approval from my Masterchef (baba) who is truly a pastry chef. 

 I thought that eating the sinful lazy chocolate cake could be balanced with a cuppa green tea. You know, to keep the calorie at bay. (-__-)" Here's what I did

1 tbsp sugar & cocoa
1.5 tbsp vegie oil
2 tbsp flour & milk
A dash of vanilla essence
 Sprinkle chocolate chips (I used M&M instead)

Mix ALL the ingredients and bake at HIGH for 1 minute. Easy peasy right?

Aaaand that's how I spend time with my family. I tried my best to clear my schedule of any photo shoots during weekdays to have quality time with my loved ones. Multitasking mama! 

Thank you for reading yea. 

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