Monday, January 06, 2014

My 1st Run 2014 : MPIB 2014

Assalammualaikum & happy Monday!

HAPPY MONDAY okay... so this year let's try our very best to welcome Monday positively! Hoyeeeeeaaa! In line with that, my head is still wrapped around new year resolutions. Aaaaand one of them is running. You got that right, running as in joining marathons. I had this inkling notions months ago when I observed a good friend of mine who is an avid runner. Her name is Farah Zuhana. She lost 20kg and remain fit via running & being a gym addict. She too used to wear Premium Beautiful in her journey for assistance to achieve a lady figure and man! Her body is to die for! So when I told her on my intention to try running, as any good friend could ever be, she totally encouraged me!

I read online that the 1st marathon for 2014 would be on January 5, 2014 at Padang Merbuk namely Multi-Purpose Insurance Run (MPIB) but at the time of knowing it, the registration date has passed. I was so sadden by this and keep on hunting others. Farah managed to register in time and upon collecting her bib, she said that the organizer just open a registration for 3km fun run. That's when she registered me and I got in! Syukur Alhamdulillah Allah SWT really made ways for me in realizing my dreams. 

 3km. It is only 3km. Ok la kan?? As a start laaaaa... I practiced on the treadmill 2 weeks prior in achieving the 3km distance. I am not a runner and never was. I am leaning more to aerobics and cardio training hence running felt so torturous I literally felt like dying. My best timing by far is 30min for the 3km run. What ever......

G-force Gym at Desa Subang Permai, Shah Alam

On the running day, Uncle Din and I woke up at 5am and make our moves exactly after Subuh prayer. Piya was still sleeping and kinda drowsy but being a morning person, I'm glad that eventually woke up and was really excited too! Padang Merbok is at Jalan Parlimen hence the driving via NKVE took us around 30min. The sky was still dark but the vicinity was packed with blue-shirt runners. I did not get the shirt as mine was only a mere 3km kaaaan... Pffft.. Uncle Din & Piya waited for me at the waiting tents as I make my move to the starting line. 

The organizer released the runners in descending order; 12km - 8km - 5km and lastly 3km sharply at 7.15am. I started mine at 7.30am. Switched on my new awesome walkman and began running in high spirits. Suddenly.......... What...? Running uphills...? If there is an up there surely be a down too. Daaaamn! This was nothing like I practiced! Aaaaaaarrrgh! On the treadmills, I did run 3km without any walks but in reality, this surely was not as I pictured it to be. I was disappointed to be defeated by the hills but I was still determine to finish in time; my 30min records. Blustering music accompanied my run and it was very very helpful. Kid Rock-Bawitdaba, Limp Bizkit-Nookie, MI3 soundtrack, Metallica-Disappear, Fall Out Boy-Light 'em up and other alternative rock tracks. Hoyeaaaaa...

When I passed the signage indicating the finishing line, I ran like no one's business. The thought of completing the run was overwhelming. It sounds insurmountable but you just gotta push yourself. No pain no gain. At there it was; the finishing line was the prettiest sight I have ever seen. People were cheering and clapping, flashes filling the air and lastly that lady who welcomed you with a smile. She congratulates me and handover refreshments. 3km run was not entitle for any medal or even a certificate. Was I disappointed? Hell no! I just did a 3km run bebeh!

My cheerleader; she happily ran towards me as I approached them soaked in sweat

Ma gurl Farah Zuhana @ Farzue Bam Bam

The medal for those who deserves them; 10km run and above
I really gotta thank my lovely supporting husband for this. Without his consent, I never thought I could achieve so much in life. Alhamdulillah...

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