Friday, January 03, 2014

A new year, a new chapter

Assalammualaikum & Happy Friday!

1st working day of the year. I'm kinda in a giddy stance as my 1st day took place in Friday. Friday is equal to fun day at work! Besides, Friday is always the best being adjacent to weekends. Plus tomorrow marks my 4th anniversary of working with Proton. How time flies. 

I can still reminisce clearly my working days with the previous company. Engineering was my forte and pressure was around the clock. Coming in to work sharply at 8.30am and more often than not I would punch out at 12.00am. That my dear is an overview of construction field. Handling 2,3 tenders simultaneously and sometimes multiple submission on the same day. Yet, it is only a tender with 50-50 chance of winning. I don't know whether it was worth it. 4 years in Proton and I don't miss one bit of my old job. Here, I am doing more of project management coinciding with engineering activities. What can I say? I did interviewed for an engineering post but the boss said I was to colourful for the designation. He recommended me to areas that requires me to communicate, interact, manage & socialize with PR skills. And I love it! I love my job. Just wish the pay would be better..

My awesome colleagues
 Piya is 2.5 year old now. She's gonna be 3 this year and that puts a lot of pressure on me. Hopefully we can give her a sibling this year. She keep going around with her human size stuff doll named Baby Tini. I often caught her playing with Baby Tini as though the doll is alive. Feeding her, patting her to sleep complete with a blanket & a pillow. My heart stills every time she does that. Poor girl. In terms of schooling, it is delightful to see my friends sending off their kids on their 1st day of playschool. All sorts reaction and stories to share. Reminds me soo much of sending Piya on her 1st day. She was only 1.5 year old and Alhamdulillah she didn't cried at all. Mama cried though because I felt as if Piya has started school and soon she will graduate, get a job, finds a handsome rich boyfriend and later asking for blessing for  her wedding day. The headmistress informed me that Piya will begin schooling once she has reached 3 year old and that would be in May 2014. In the mean time, they are teaching basic stuff as a preliminary requirement. 

New year's resolution.... I have some trails of idea in mind but we'll see how things go. I'm hoping my modeling career would last as long as it can be though. I love the job and if it wasn't for the career, I would not be a better muslimah covering her aurah. I learn a lot from this field and plenty of self-reflection. Other than that, I hope I am strong enough to recite Quran more frequently. I managed to do so for every Maghrib prayer but quite inconsistent. I want to khatam again this year and will put more effort on that. Along the line, I do hope I can be a better daughter & wife. I must admit I am not the best of both world but that does not mean I'm not trying. 

 I do have a bunch of list but I rather not commemorate it here as it will remain written with little action. Heheheee my bad. Happy new year folk and let's pray 2014 would be awesome!

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