Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Looking out for signs

Salam and good morning,

How are you today? I know that most bloggers really love to post WW (wordless Wednesday) entry on this particular day but naaaaah.. I'm never wordless. The only time I am wordless is when I'm refraining my temper so naaaah I'm not wordless today..

Yesterday while I was walking to my car, a colleague shared one essential advice which occupied my thoughts the entire evening. I ponder on the notion to vouch whether I've noticed them before. The advice was in regard with hidayah (signs) from Allah SWT. The source of her advice came from one of the sermons that she attended whereby she shared that little did we know hidayah comes in many forms around us. It is always there and will always be. These signs are not made visible to us but actually we can sense, respond and relate to it. The big question is how do we respond to them as our response will open another door to the next path. Our response is the cardinal factor on the road to be taken."The road diverged in the yellow woods" remember?

"Dengan kitab itulah Allah menunjuki orang-orang yang mengikuti keredhaan-Nya ke jalan keselamatan dan dengan kitab itu pula Allah mengeluarkan orang-orang itu dari gelap gelita kepada cahaya yang terang benderang dengan sezin-Nya, dan menunjuki mereka ke jalan yang lurus "

 And speaking of which, there are some trail of portends took place recently which left me dumbfounded and in utter obfuscation. Most of these circumstances orbit around my modeling career. To cut the chase, I introduced or recommended some of my model friends to prominent people because that is my forte; you scratch my back & I scratch yours. Also significant to mention that I strongly believe that Islam taught us to always do good deeds to others as Allah SWT is always watching over us. You be good or lend a helping hand to others and Allah SWT will return the favour in many forms. I get that. Alas, things navigated in a different direction where my model friends took off with the prominent and leaving me behind. Okay that sounded too dramatic. Simply put that for the subsequent events, the prominent people chose my model friends over me. There I said it........

So this is where my aggravation collides with the notion mentioned above; the hidayah, the response and the lurking afterwards. I was (am) verily devastated by the portends and I really can't put my finger on it. Uncle Din keep advising me "Ini bukan rezeki awak sayang. Sabar laaaa.. Percaya pada Allah ok". It's not that I'm feeling dubious towards Him, it is more leaning towards being baffled with His symptomatic. Must I regret on the rendezvous I've establish between them? Should I be happy that my testimony on the models were vouched and I was left out of the job? What is the hidayah behind all these enigmatic situations? Am I over-reacting and being prejudice?

 "Sesungguhnya kamu tidak akan dapat memberi petunjuk kepada orang yang kamu cintai, tetapi Allah menunjuki orang yang dikehendaki-Nya dan Allah mengetahui orang-orang yang menerima petunjuk"

When my friend said that our response towards any rigmarole chagrin or fortune determines our next signs from Allah SWT, it did make me ponder whether I have responded appropriately. So far I only expressed my grievance to my husband or in this blog but I never set vis-à-vis with anyone. I just hold my peace with hopes the disappointment would deter in time.

I perceived the simple sermon that my friend shared is ample to set my views differently now. I must learn to respond positively whenever I'm feeling laden with discontent because hidayah comes in many forms. It is just a matter of time for Allah SWT to reveal them before my eyes. Keep on looking for that silver line among the the grey cloudy sky.



  1. obfuscation?rigmarole chagrin? seriously your vocab is really broad puan dora!

    1. e'eleeeh.... obfuscation is something that is baffling your thoughts... rigmarole chagrin is those nonsense contributing to displeasure & unhappiness...

      my vocab is just as good as yours dear.. :)