Monday, November 18, 2013

Another awesome TV drama!


What have I gotten myself into....? I kinda took a vow and promised myself that I will not entangled myself anymore in any form of drama. Life should be free of worries, free from perennial apprehension and should be lived in the most beneficial way as possible. I'm so sick and tired of being attached to a 'soul' and expect the best coming out from it. What have I gotten myself into....?

Oh, a warning though that this entry is totally baseless and might be irritating to you....

My recent apprehension is none other than this.........

 Long may she reign... Aaaaaaargh! I love the series so much that I think I'm deeply attached to it and I hate that! I hate that because my mind is totally hovering on the characters; why is Mary so kind? Why must Francis be so stupid (he totally vouched that men have always been stupid since the 15th centuries), why must Bash be so hot? Why must the Queen's subject drawn into men so easily? Haiyaaaaaa...... Talking about obsession huh? Pffft..

Is it still unfathomable?

You see, I have been fascinated with such genre since I was a little girl. One of my first social-elite movie was The Slipper and the Rose (1976) starring Richard Chamberlain. It was also among my first exposure to musical movies. I just love everything about them. I even imagine wouldnt it be nice if I live at that point of time? The world seems like a safer place, free from any form of pollution, no technology, very graceful manners, POLITE MEN, MEN RESPECTING WOMEN, the dances, the garments and the beautiful mothernature... Oh my.... Besides this movie, I'm 200% in love with Pride & Prejudice.. C'mon; how can you not be in love with Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth? Sense & Sensibility, Persuasion, Little Women and the list could go on forever.........

Mary of Scots time came way before that actually. She was during the 15th century where people were still at war over ruling kingdoms. Having said that, I too, love the genre during this century. Braveheart, Elizabeth, The other Boleyn girl, Young Victoria, Lady Jane and the list could go on forever. What bothers me the most of this tele-series is that I've read the life of Mary. I'm educated on her history and her life which ended tragically. Reign claims that it is based on the life of Mary but more or less it is a combination of fiction too. Some of the storyline were created for television sake or else it would be so dull like we're watching history channel. For instance the ladies in waiting... awesome bunch of lass..

The Reign TV series is so awesome if you appreciate literature. I love the idioms, the comprehensive words and line. I love everything about the series especially when the 3 main lead cast are irrefutably gorgeous (spell BASH). I watched the latest episode and it really bothers me to the core! I even watched it twice to comprehend my frustration! eeeeeeeyyyh... I'm in the office at this very moment but my mind has not left the set; why would Francis do such a thing? What would happen to Bash?

 So this proven that I'm officially hooked on another TV drama when I vowed not to... Haiyaaaaa...

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