Monday, December 02, 2013

Wedding Ainul Haliza & Creme De Fume

Assalammualaikum and good morning...

Hello December...! Alhamdulillah.... Syukran. I was quite occupied last weekend and Alhamdulillah I did not had any photo shoot as well. At least that gives me space to attend wedding receptions and mommy-time with Piya. You have no idea the sacrifices my family is willing to make when I am doing any photo shoot / fashion show. They're very understanding and more often than not, they would tag along. So last weekend was paying off some debts. 

Ayah was doing work at home so he did not joined us on both days. Sorry ayah, no photos of you this time.  I had 2 wedding receptions and some errands to attend to. So being a mother, I had to prioritize one thing after another and dismiss a few things. I'm truly sorry for unable to commit on some occasions, I hope you can fathom once you have a child on your own yea. *spread love, no war. An ex-schoolmate of mine bite the dust and she personally made an effort to invite me. How can you say no to an old friend who went through thick & thin to invite you? The reception took place at PKPS Shah Alam so yeaaaa, bumped into many Shah Alam folks. Ainul and I known each other since primary school from SRK Raja Muda Sec.4. We were even classmates for 5 years kot at SMSSAAS Sec.2 (Yeaaaap, both schools in Shah Alam and you can find the big McD outlet in between them... Furthermore, my diploma & Degree were in UiTM Shah Alam...... *I'm a boring person... I know that...)

Us with the bride & groom; Dr. Ainul Haliza Binti Dr. Malik & Rasdan
Piya was asleep in the car upon our arrival but thankfully she is not the type of girl who would throw tantrums due to insufficient sleep or having her sleep disturb.
Or not...
 She would be a bit blur for a moment and once she is awake, tuh dia! She would start running around the reception hall. Penat mama tau.... I brought Mak Tok along so that Piya is more manageable and thankfully the food was great as expected.

Habes kalori mak taaaaau...
"I'm in no mood laaa Mama......"
Subsequently, we went to Plaza Massalam Sec.9 or more commonly known among Shah Alam folks as Shah Alam Mall (becaaaaaause when it was first existed, it was the only mall in Shah Alam main city apart from PKNS.. Now there is Anggerik Mall, SACC & Plaza Alam Sentral...) Berusaha keras nak pergi Shah Alam sebaaaaab nk redeeem Papa John's 1-inch 1 Ringgit pizza and nak redeem ice-cream at Creme De Fume. Usaha tangga kejayaan!

The ice-cream was quite OK but I would still prefer Lecka-Lecka over it. I redeemed Banana Split because it looked tempting and added some toppings. Funny though I caught the salesboy entering Giant Hypermarket buying some bananas and they were still unripe. So that explains a lot on the bland bitter taste when I was chewing down the bananas. 

 That was basically what Piya and I did on Saturday. Sunday; requires a different post entry... :)

Thank you for reading..

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