Monday, October 21, 2013

Rihanna in headscarf

Salam and hye,

As I was scrolling down Instagram, I was stunned to stumble upon Rihanna's IG (@badgalriri) I think I got her IG correctly.. I don't know.. She's in Abu Dhabi doing her Diamond Tour and I truly have high respect for her now; she CAN actually cover up and BE fully dressed because she was respecting the country and culture. Selalu tengok die nih macam x cukup kain jer... Yeaaa if you look closely it does send mixed signals and messages right but hey! At least she respects the country where modesty if their forte.

Beautiful right? She looks good... I'm more interested in how she poses and smize...

And this is what she wore for the concert. Ok laaaa...

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