Monday, October 28, 2013

Family Day @ Sunway Lagoon

Salam and good Monday everyone!

Alhamdulillah I had a great weekend and it has been ages since I felt this happy! Well, significant to mention that the cause of my happiness is due to the family day event organized by the company. The last time I went to such an event was back in 2010 when Uncle Din and I were engaged. Later, the event was not deemed compelling for the next subsequent years until this year. I just had a change of heart as I was informed that this year, the event is mainly intended for Shah Alam branch only. And also I've forgotten that Uncle Din never entered Sunway Lagoon before. My last visit here? Well.... I believed it was back in 1999 where my classmates & I celebrated someone's birthday. The whole Sunway Lagoon has totally changed over the years. Even the entry pass will cost you an arm and a leg. 

So if you are heading for Sunway Lagoon and you intend to have the nearest parking spot, I highly recommend you to park your vehicle inside Sunway Piramid especially if you are with child. Just bare paying the parking fee will ya? So all you gotta do is pass through the boulevard until the end of the road, take a left turn and go down until you see a parking entrance. At that very adjacent point, Sunway Lagoon's main entrance is already a shy away. We parked our cars at B1 and took the elevator to LG1. Simple right? And ohh, I mentioned 'our cars' right? Well, we did not went by ourselves. Instead, we went with Cik D, Wan & Baby Amna...! Waaaaaaaa.... I really love their presence man.

If you had that slightest idea to sneak your own food and pass the security freely, you can put that notion to rest because the security will conduct a thorough research through your bags. They did found foods in our bags too but thankfully they are lenient with baby foods. You just have to convince them a bit. So off we went inside the packed vicinity heading towards wet land and goodness gracious me; the outlook was filled with a sea of black and blue people (blue shirt, black hair...? duuurgh). We grabbed our breakfast which was stationed near the surf beach and retreat to a less hassle spot. We settled down and camped at the kid's pool. Piya was being difficult and even refuse to have a bite because she has set her eyes on the pool. I just had to leave well enough alone as pushing her further to eat her breakfast is pointless. 

So tadaaaaaaa....! Us in the kid's pool. Ayah detest to jump on the bandwagon as he has an aversion to crowded place. Well, it's your loss dude. I'm not gonna persuade you out of it so there! Ayah jaga beg kitorg. 

 We soaked in the pool and sun for nearly 2 hours I guess when the sun has set quite high in the sky. We returned to Ayah who was immersed with his earplugs and we felt famished. It was a relieved that Piya finally got her appetite and began eating more food. It took awhile for us to change into new clean clothes but everything seemed to settle nicely.

By the time we finished changing, Ayah joined us outside the changing room with our lunches. And the food was awesome! Ok laaa for a family day.  

We continued our journey heading to the amusement park. Prior to that, it is best to keep your belonging in the awesome high-technology lockers. The big locker cost us RM30 so I shared it with Cik D. The reason it is high tech? Upon payment you will have to wear another wristlet containing the barcode to your locker. Scan the barcode and voila! Your locker will open like the clappers. In fact, no more fuss to locate your locker too... (mode: Jakun)

So amusement park, here we come! Tadaaaaaa! 

Alhamdulillah everything was just very accommodating because the surau was nearby, the toilet was clean and there were a lot of table & stools to rest. The only thing that kinda pisses me off was the fact that all drinks were sold for RM5 / bottle (750ml ok). Damn you.......... it cost me RM20 to get 4 bottle of drinks. We call it off around 4.00pm when it began to drizzle and eventually raining quite heavily. I forgot to bring Piya's hat so I took off my veil and wrapped Piya with it. It's what mothers will do. 

All in all, the whole adventure was a blast! We had soooo much fun and I must say that the family day this year went pretty awesome! Looking forward for next year, inshaAllah..



  1. Really is better off this time kan? Less crowded than 2011s.Great loss for those yang awal2 lg decided not to go :p
    Piya looks really enjoying the day!

  2. Kaaaaaan? I had so much fun zahra... the best part would be masa budak2 main.... wow..... priceless moments..