Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ooh La La & Crumple Shawls

Salam everyone,

One post a month huh? Oh my... Terrible... My hiatus was not an intended one. It was more akin to a less inspiration + exasperation...? Well, since this is my blog so I might as well spill it out here but rather in a concealed manner. September left me dumbfounded with so many things; personal issues, office feud, modeling career and even my parenting skills. I felt so numb upon returning from my short getaway at Cameron Highland with my family. I didn't expected that though. I thought I would be recharged and rejuvenated but I reckon Allah has better plans for me.. I have to believe that, right?

I went for my aerobic class last night after being hiatus for 6 weeks. Subhanallah, it is so difficult to 'move on' when you just had a terrible fall. Dwell in my self-insecure bubble is sure not a healthy thing. It swallows you further into darkness. Feeling void. Feeling numb. Morbid. I had to drag myself and trudge to the fitness studio as an attempt to eschew from this dreadful exasperation. But when the music starts; you begin to feel rejuvenate.... Among the things I love about aerobic (significant to mention : it is actually Jazzercise) is that I don't bequeath my attention on the dance / physical movement but rather on the selected music. The music selection may seem as trifling but it isn't. And apparently they played Britney's song "Ooh La La" the OST for Smurfs 2. Oh Britney.... my idol throughout adolescences years. Old images began flashing through my mind like a short Powerpoint slide show. And there it was; I felt it again.. that adolescence feeling.. that sentiment that reminded you when you were young, naive, carefree and most of all OPTIMISTIC. 

 I totally forgot the virtue of being optimistic and as human beings, we do need to be reminded; perennially. So I decided that I hold the reign to my fate. I am not defying Allah's will but I refuse fatalism and opt not to retaliate to the people who drown me. I think (actually I chose) to totally ignore you and pretend we never met. And having said that, I will regain my strength and be on my feet again. Time heels everything so that is all I need, time. Perhaps I must continue and be more discipline with my aerobic regime huh. Best way to remain optimistic!

Apart from my meltdown here, I would like to share my newfound love for oversized shawls. But, what if they are crumpled and scratchy that don't require any ironing? Furthermore, it is dual tone...? You like that don't you? Oh my... melting.... recently I just shoot the latest shawl collections from GetGorgeous Boutique. I love the shawls so much that Adzlia was so kind giving one as a gift... Auuuw... 
Crumple Dwi Tone Shawl (Green-Sky Blue)Crumple Dwi Tone Shawl (Orange-Pink)

Wear them with a matching colorful inner for more cheerful look


Or match them a simple black inner with one of your abayas

 Now, here is how you were a dual tone shawl..


Or you can even style it like theseeee

 Check them out at : GetGorgeous Boutique

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