Monday, October 14, 2013

MFM Seafood Platter Offer

Salam and Hye!

Uncle Din and I are big fans of MFM. Our favourite outlet would be at Subang Parade due to distance convenience, parking wise & also crowd factor. Admit it; not many youngsters are prone going to Subang Parade. In fact, they are more leaning towards Sunway Piramid, Empire Gallery or other malls in Klang Valley. But having said that, for someone who would like having to have a quiet outing with the family, I truly don't mind going to Subang Parade. Normally we would just go in, eat and come out. Tadaaaaa! Settle..........

So when MFM offered this deal, that was truly a blessing for die hard fans like us. But when the only available outlet in Klang Valley was Subang Parade, that was truly a bonus!! Now, this offer is not rare and has become quite regular across voucher offers. Knowing Uncle Din loves to dine here, I really don't mind treating him for dinner. So check this out:

At the cost of RM49, you are entitled to a huge seafood platter! Obviously we wouldn't finish it anyway, but who cares....??? It is cheap and you can always tapau the leftover. We redeemed the offer on the very last day hence the crowd was overwhelming. We had to endure queuing for 30 minute prior seated to our seats. Good things are worth waiting right? *Sedapkan hati......... Piya became very bored over the waiting and began climbing the stroller. When I scolded her, she would just say "Mamaaaaa...!" in a very happy cheeky I'm-not-scared-of-you voice... Owh, I just let her be.... I chose not to fathom... I wasn't much in the mood too as I was very exhausted over work load in the office. Tried to curl a smile but that was exhausting too....

The staff seemed very used of the waved vouchers across the room so that kinda saved my energy too. A thunderous cheering immediately ensued when the boy served the platter.. Ok, I made that up.

One person was very immersed with the tartar sauce. She hasn't come to terms with seafood yet but she really enjoys the seafood chowder, french fries and the plain rice. I, on the other hand, was struggling to remain composed on controlling the caloric intake. Oh man, every single bite tasted so goooood........  

 And there you have it. The offer is truly worth every penny. You can always take away the leftovers if you are that kind of person. Well, I am for sure. I hate wasting food and I have a things over leaving food wasted.

Have a good day peeps!

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