Monday, October 14, 2013

Eve of Eidul Adha

Salam and hye,

All alone in the office. Yerp, in the office on the eve of Eidul Adha.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims! There is only the 4 of us working and frankly I do not know where they're all off to. Hence, the space is all mine... MINEEEEEE... I don't mind being alone in the office though. I appreciate the serene and tranquility atmosphere unlike my usual days where my neighbor has this horrible habit of plugging his ears with music loudly and would became so immersed that he didn't even notice (I think he does) that he's sharing the lyrics with the entire room. Uurrrgh... 

So today, the office is totally nice and quiet. Totally a peace of mind. Oh, in case you are wondering, as I am IN office today, that kinda explains the fact that I'm not returning Kelantan for Eid Adha this year. Yeeeerp, mostly due to leave discrepancy between Uncle Din and I. Initially, he decided not to balik kampung as his new work acquires a lot of his time and energy. Then suddenly he submitted a 24 hours notice and is enjoying his time at home before he resumes to a another new place after Eid. Now, the notion to balik kampung does deemed nice right as he is on a looooong leave but I on the other hand had gave up my leave due to our the initial plan. So yeaaah, here I am in the office while Uncle Din is at home sulking for not balik kampung. Ain't my fault....    

Eid Adha 2011
 I haven't made plans yet for this impromptu turn of events. Usually it is by default that we would balik kampung Kelantan for Eidul Adha but this year? I don't know how to make Uncle Din feels better. The celebration back at his place is amazing whilst here is very mild & mediocre; or leaning more towards nothing. Sigh! Maybe we'll head to Mid Valley for a walk and that would also mean another makan-makan for me...! Oh my.... Speaking of makan-makan, we have been dining outside almost every night this week. Things look rather convenient as my work place is adjacent to Subang & Sunway so stopping by after fetching me from work is a good critical path. 

Wendy's @ Sunway Piramid
Pizza Hut @ Subang Parade
Oh my calories.......... Can't wait to hit the gym when he resumes to a new work place. Until then, we'll just wait and see what tomorrow might bring. And oh! On a final note, happy fasting to those who are fasting today. It is called Puasa Arafah. It is carry out on the 9th of Zulhijjah and is encourage on those who are not performing Hajj. I might ask Uncle Din to have sushi for dinner as this fasting is making me craving for food.
My sahur; Garlic butter prawn, baked salmon + mustard, pasta salad
Hope you guys will have a good raya this year. Until then,
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha from me

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