Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Eid Adha 2013

Salam and hello everyone..

Post Eid Adha : still in the holiday mood. Even though I was here in Shah Alam but I do appreciate every single leave I could put my hands on to be it an annual leave or due to calendar year. So how was my Eid Adha this year? I gotta admit this; not as fun as celebrating it in Kelantan :(  .... 

As mentioned in my earlier post, I worked on Monday and surprisingly Uncle Din fetched me from work all alone without any sight of Piya. Piya was left at home with Mak Tok while Uncle Din went out running for errands. Since it was only the two of us, ape lagi.... dating la! Uncle Din brought me to Sunway Piramid and dined at Sushi King for my breaking fast. Buka puasa makan sushi.... fuyooooo... Initially we planned to catch a movie and Uncle Din was already very giddy about the notion. But, deep down inside, it just didn't feel right.. The afterthought really bothered me while we were standing in front of the ticketing lane.. Then as usual I began to miss Piya; wondering whether she is having proper meal at home, has she bathe, what is she doing etc etc etc.... Uncle Din just smiled listening to my trail of thoughts. At that moment, he took my hand and we walked away from the ticketing lane. Alhamdulillah my lovely husband is soooo used of my irresolute stance. Hahaha... How motherhood has changed my sentiment...  Indeed! We head straight to a toy store adjacent to Daiso and we bought her a foldable play house. I wanted to buy so many other things but Uncle Din said "Nih mak ke anak yang nak? Lain kali eh, lain kali...." sambil geleng kepala ok..... 

 We were awaken at dawn by the serene mellow sound of Takbīr (تَكْبِير)coming from the mosque just down the road. Uncle Din was getting ready for Eid prayer but I didn't follow suit as I gotta have Piya ready and prepare breakfast too. Upon his return from the mosque, we were still not ready yet.. bahahahaa! Moreover, our appointment for beraya was around 11.00am so we still had plenty of time... pfft.. See what held us so long in the bathroom? This missy just started learning to brush her own teeth these days and rather than discouraging her by asking her to expedite the process, I just let her be on her own pace.

We gathered at his cousin's house at Saujana Utama (kot... I think...) and met with other Kelantanese who also did not return for Eid this year. I just sat quietly in front of the TV with Piya eating Laksam and chicken rice. 

Got kinda immersed watching this movie though (I seriously had no clue what I was watching...)

When we reached home, much to my surprise that Zeffi & Lina were dining at the main hall. Aaaauuuw I love meeting their kids. All of a sudden Piya became famished and wanted to eat with them too. So Mama kena laa makan lagi! #camnernakkurus????!  And as usual everyone was feeling so drowsy after having a big lunch and they just doze off. I, on the other hand, don't do naps during daytime so I had to babysit the kids. I seriously don't know where the kids got their energy from! They were running around, screaming and laughing and giggling and yelling some more.... Gaaaah...! This is so exasperating.... While the kids were doing their thing, I just sat at lounge watching E! all by myself... Talking about 'me' time huh....


 The family departed around 7pm and the funny thing was Lea's remark "Alaaaaa... tak sempat main dengan Piya". Ait?? You have been playing with her for the past 5 hours dude.. 

Aaaaand that was how our Eid Adha was spent; the urban way. Hope to celebrate the next in Kelantan laaa... In sha Allah..

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