Monday, September 30, 2013

Counting my blessings....

My oh my...What have become of me.....? I update this rusty blog once a month?? Subhanallah... Work has really occupied me I guess. As tomorrow will be a new month, I just thought that I need to commemorate one more note in September 2013.

The Goods
Alhamdulillah Piya is now 2 year 4 months old now. She is becoming much easier to handle and I do hope she'll be weary of the terrible-two phase soon. Easier to handle? You read that right. She understands instructions and restrictions better now especially on forbidden matters. Senang hati mama! I find it very accommodating as I can become less of a soprano mother and more ladylike now. But having said that, there are still times where she would totally raise my gorge and the soprano mama would sing again. And when that happens; Uncle Din would just laugh and said "kelakar laa awak nih"... I would promptly look at him and give him a stern look; well it doesn't look funny anymore when the attention is turn to you right? 

Easier to handle huh?
 Piya is now able to brush her teeth but still need a lot of guidance. Else, only the lower front row would be so fresh and so clean while the rest would remain yellowish. I did struggled teaching her to brush; I instilled the notion when she was already 1y6m and it was quite a journey. I've bought different sizes of tooth brush and tooth paste flavors; you know, just to get her interested. It really requires a lot of patience in the pursuit of teach kids the importance of brushing their teeth but it has to be done right? 

How's my teeth ayah?
If you had not notice, Piya is sent to a playschool at the other end of our house. I have a laundry list of satisfaction sending her to a playschool but I will only write the prominent points yea:

One: She becomes very social able and would simply say hye to you. She doesn't mind to respond to your approach and eventually she would begin playing with you. It could be frightening sometimes because she deliver the same virtues even with foreign workers (which I strongly detest) and she is not afraid of strangers. That is the only downside of her social skill. 

Wanna be my friend? I don't bite..
 Two : Piya is now capable of removing her clothes especially her pants whenever she wants to bathe or nappy change. It's funny when she would TOLD me to stay put and let her doing herself "Jap ummi jap..!".. I may have to wait forever but I prefer to have her be independent.The playschool also taught the kids to fold their own laundry. So I was very much surprised to notice this but kinda felt happy laaa sekolah ajar anak kita berdisiplin skit... 

Suka lipat baju...?
 Three : She would informed me every time she passes motion and asked me to clean her. So off we go to the toilet and she would start lowering her pants, stepping out from the pooled clothes on the floor, unstrapped her diaper, throw it in the dustbin and bend forward asking me to wash her... AAAAaaauw, my daughter has grown up so fast.... Once we are done, she would pick up her dirty pants and place it in the dirty basket.. 

I'm a big girl mama!
 The Bad, The Ugly

September has left me dumbfounded; a lot of thing has happened and left me numb with bitter after taste. It is really hard to remain composed when you are faced with surreal desolate circumstances. I was encountered with a few incidents that defied me and I would either broke down or just be numb. One of the sad incidents was a defied opportunity for me to strut the runway. But I surmised it was merely my fault too; I wasn't supposed to yearn so much on it as rejection is normal in this field. Over confident? I don't know but I sure hate the depression I went through. So I decided that Allah is not defying good things from me, perhaps that runway show may not be the best thing for me. Who knows He is avoiding me from developing an illness afterwards? Or I would had fall during the walk? 

We just never know...... and remain good perception towards Him.
There are a lot of other things that are deemed unsuitable to be shared here, but these are the things that are contributing towards my melancholy. I hope they would go away promptly and let me be happy again.....

To conclude; Dear September, you have been one hell of a challenging month...   

Count my blessings, not my loss.

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