Thursday, September 12, 2013

Treating the Family some vacation

Salam everyone.. 

Have you ever felt so weary that it even hurts to respond to the morning sunrise and chirping birds? Well, I just had one of those. Subhanallah, my body was waning as a result of perennial modeling jobs, fashion shows, people ordering BBplus and attending my family needs. Don't get me wrong; I love every bit of the phase I'm in right now but a girl gotta rest too you know. Alhamdulillah the modeling jobs have been generous & prolific hence with the extra bucks that gained, I decided to treat Uncle Din and Piya some holiday getaway. And of course every time I asked Uncle Din "Where would you like to go sayang?" his answer would definitely be "I naaaaak Cameron..!" Okeeee...Fine... 

I found a good offer in Groupon to stay at Equatorial Hotel whereby it was a 3D2N stay which cost me around RM300++ only. Cheap huh? Normally you are only entitled to the superior room for a night at such rate but hey! Sustenance is by the hand of Allah. You'll never know you might stumble upon a good fortune one day huh. I even upgraded the room to Deluxe hence we got to stay at the top floor and felt clearer to the fog. Hoyeeeeeaaah... I should have purchased Deluxe earlier because I seriously did not know that it is a 1 bedroom 1 lounge stay. It cost an extra RM90 on weekends and RM40 on weekdays. OK la kan? Ok sangat kot....

This time around as it is not our first time in Cameron, we decided to chill and totally lay back. We were simply not bothered to visit aaaaall the interesting places; just a few in mind. The tea plantation, pasar malam at Tanah Rata, the chocolate factory, the flea market by the hotel and checking out a new place name Lavender Hill kot. Other than that, we irrefutably opted to rest. Well, that was the whole idea. Piya has a pleasant time playing by herself. She brought along her teddy bear, toy car, ABC books and we bought her new toys too. With the spacious room that we have all by ourselves, our stay was further enlighten by the hotel's gratitude; every returned customer receives a complimentary plate. Last year I received a plate of chocolate strawberry flavour while this time around I received a plate of strawberries dipped with chocolates sauce. Oh my..

To conclude, our stay was great. I felt rejuvenated especially soaking in the hot tub. I had quality time with my family and that notion is one that I value the most. 

Thank you for reading & hope you enjoy the photos.

Day 1

Day 2

 Day 3

I end this entry with this awesome Strawberry Strudel... :)

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