Friday, September 06, 2013

Modelling jobs in Syawal

Salam Jumaat everyone,

Alhamdulillah today is the very last day of Syawal which also marks the end of Eid celebration. Finally..... I'm kinda baffled with all the open house invitation as most of them came from close friends and they expect my presence. Wow..... My thoughts were mainly on one notion; omg food.... how many cholesterol is that again? 

Besides the tempting foods invitations, alhamdulillah I surmised that I've done better this year. Isn't that what this is all about? Ramadhan is the best chance that Allah SWT has bestowed upon us to be a better Muslim whilst Syawal is where our deeds came into evaluation. Meaning if you remain or continue the good deeds you've done during Ramadhan, hence you have embraced the genuine notion of Ramadhan. Simple example; reciting the Quran. Many of us recites the Quran once a year and that particular time would be in Ramadhan. We will do our very best to khatam / graduate reciting Quran as soon as possible whilst it is Ramadhan. But when Ramadhan leaves us, so does the sight of Quran. The Quran will be placed again on the shelves until next year. Subhanallah... At least you read the Quran right? That is good but it would be better if you read the Quran bit by bit throughout the year regardless of the months. Not for the sake to 'chase' Ramadhan...No?

Another note that I'm very grateful of is the abundance of modelling jobs that was offered. I have been busy since day one Ramadhan up until this very week. My entire body is aching and my feet is soaring. But then again subhanallah, I am deeply indebted with all these. I truly don't know how long I'm gonna be in this field but I want to embrace it as much as I can. In Shaa Allah... The difficult part of modelling is to commit to the prayer times.

In conjunction with that, I'm very grateful that I'm granted a wonderful husband like Uncle Din. You see, every casting / shooting / fashion show is time consuming. More often than not, it would take up to 8 hours or more. It is very tiresome for him waiting outside the room but I really don't know what gave him the courage and strength to wait for me outside. Some photo shoots wrapped up at 3.00 am and yet he never NEVER displayed an annoyed face. MashaAllah... One of the down side of this field also is the wreck your body has to endure. And Uncle Din would be so kind giving me a full body massage until I doze off... I reckon this modelling stuff is the best thing ever happened to us; we became closer just like we used to during Uni days.

Syukur Alhamdulillah..  

Among the jobs I've done as mentioned above.. Hope you like them as much as I do..




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