Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Premium Beautiful at Bella Awards


She sparkles!
Did you watch Bella Awards recently? It was aired live at NTV7 around 9.00 pm right after prime time. I enjoyed watching Hanis Zalikha, Lina Teoh, Phat Fabes & Ben, Fara Fauzana and the wonderful line of Master’s of Ceremony comprising of Hans Isaac, Vanessa Chong, Daphne Iking and Elaine Daly. The Bella Awards is an accolade for women who stride successfully in their professional field. It varies from entertainment to charity work. It was truly wonderful to watch the ladies receiving their awards as to be made known of their work. 

For instance; my favourite fashion blogger / managing director of Fashion Valet is Vivy Yusof. She may be young but she really deserves the nomination as she is soooo successful and she is an inspiration to many young women out there. I’m young too so I’m one of them. ngeeeee…

Now, after watching all of that, did you notice that Hai-O was one of the sponsors for the prestigious event?

 Yes! We were one of the sponsors dude! My goodness! I was so happy that I had to sit in front of the TV and began to snap pictures. I may look like a fool (to my husband of course) but apparently he joined too. Except he didn’t snap photos of the event but he was snapping photos of me from my rear thinking that I look too funny not to be noticed. I was totally mesmerized when Elaine Daly did that endorsement on Premium Beautiful. She looked so beautiful and stunning!

One of my favourite highlights of the evening was none other than watching Ronan Keating performing on stage! I didn’t know that Ronan would show up??? Waaaaaaaaa…. Ronan Keating has been one of my dreamy boy bands when I was in high school. C’mon! Who wouldn’t dream of Boyzone huh?? They’re damn gorgeous and talented and waaaaay before One Direction came around. I bet you that One Direction was still in kindergarten when Boyzone rocked the world with their awesomeness…. Ronan still looked so dapper even in faux leather skinny pants. I can’t believe he can still pull off that handsome boyish look even after hitting 40. I think he’s 40 already right? 

Have fun browsing through the photos yea… smileeeeee… Some photos are credited to BeautifulNara..

 The Presenters

Beautiful Hanis Zalekha at Bella Awards!

 The Performers
Marcell performed for a fashion show

Misz Nina @ Bella Awards!

Ronan oh my Keating!!

 The Award Receivers

Fafau menang Bella Radio Award! Yeaaaaa!
 And the Premium Beautiful advertisement

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