Friday, March 01, 2013

Dinner at Manhattan’s Fish Market

The best thing about marrying Uncle Din is that our minds think alike and our taste for food is also alike. I don’t fancy expensive restaurants as I always always feel it is too much to spend RM50 for a plate. I’m not Mrs Scrooge but life deprivation taught me to be thrifty and frugal. Not many people can comprehend my opinion but Uncle Din does which vouch the fact that he is my soul mate and best friend.  So our common interest in dining is mostly restaurants such as Manhattan’s Fish Market, Sushi King, Nando’s and Pizza Hut. Our budget would not be more than RM50 per receipt. Occasionally I would treat him to a better dining place but on special occasions. You see, I am cheap to maintain. Hehehe…

So on one fine night, we dine at our favourite spot in the world; Manhattan’s Fish Market @ Subang Parade. Coincidently they were promoting a new offer and we didn’t realize that we ordered a promotion menu until the waiter sent a bowl of soup, fizzy drink and ice cream. We were like “Sayang, Alhamdulillah… Tak perasan pon ader promotion..Rezeki kita sayang”. And this was the said promotion:-

Triple Treat : FREE Soup of the day, mocktail and citrus sundae
Piya was not behaving well though with her table manners. She is digesting her vicinity as a learning process so we just bore with it the entire evening. But we do pinch her if the behavior is out of lead. I don’t want my children to be monsters.. Sabor jer laaaaaa…..

Crocodile tears
The food we ordered was great! The soup from MFM never fails to indulge my appetite as I am a big fan of soups. Uncle Din’s dish was extremely good that I tend to abandon my plate and aim for his. That’s why I’m fat and his thin. Piya is fond of French fries and rice very much so she was quite happy to binge on those two. Another reason why I’m fat is because I ended up finishing Piya’s plate of rice.

Alhamdulillah, it was just one of those great nights for the 3 of us.. Life has gotten better ever since I embrace a side income biz.... Syukran...