Monday, March 11, 2013

Hubby 31st Birthday

March 04, 2013 marks Uncle Din turning 31 this year. He is such a down-to-earth person who sort of detests the notion of big celebration. Furthermore, his family is also not the keen type of people who think birthdays are such a big of deal. Well, this is totally opposed to mine obviously. So to balance the disparity and iron out any dispute, I decided to give him a series of pampering and food comfort. You know, to make him fatter even if it may not work.

Trying to make Uncle Din a bit fatter

Initially we planned to head towards Setia City Mall to take some fresh hair but coincidently I received a phone call from a dear friend that she wanted to purchase Premium Beautiful detergent. She called from Shah Alam so we detoured there and eventually decided to have lunch at SACC instead. Once we’re there, I don’t have to ask him “What would you like to have for lunch?” as his answer will always be “Nandos!”… I think we would eat Nandos 2,3 times a month. Waaaaa….. Manyak kaya itu Nandos sebab kami ooo….. And to further pamper him, I cooked dinner his favourite meal of all; Sup Ayam, Telur Dadar, Timun and Budu…. Okay, that doesn’t sound much of a cooking…

His Extra Hot while i opted Mild hotness as i'm frail.. eeehm..

On his birthday

I called him from work and ‘tipu sunat’ him by asking him out for dinner. Well actually I had the craziest idea to give him a surprise dinner from our dining hall. So while driving back home, I went to Bukit Jelutong and bought a Secret Recipe cake & Nasi Beriyani Mak Jah. My goodness, the Nasi Beriyani really tasted so good! I’m glad we have a Nasi Beriyani nearby. So upon reaching home, I set everything and pretended to get ready for dinner. I pulled him to the front door and said “Our dinner will be at the farthest place from home. Tadaaaaa!”… He wasn’t so much thrilled though as he was kinda expecting a Big Plate dinner instead of Nasi Beriyani. Yeah right…


It is still March right? So any day in March is valid to be celebrated right? The getaway I bought for him this year is a 2D1N stay at Gold Coast Morib Resort. Basically I bought the voucher from Groupon and what draws my attention was the fact that all rooms are embedded with a jacuzeeeeeeeeeeeee… Oh my… We also have been contemplating to expose Piya playing at water theme park since she loves bath tubs so much. I think the notion is quite akin right? The theme park was totally the best gift I could give him. I could see that palpable joy withering under his gaze and that warms the heart dearly. 


Another Groupon offer! I love you laaah Groupon…. Considering the fact that both of us are very fond of Manhattan Fish Market, this Groupon voucher is compulsory not to be missed. It was our first time eating Mussels too and I didn’t knew it tasted that good; definitely a big recommendation to Fish & Chips lovers. Uuuuuuuuuummmm…. Nyum nyum….

And this was the serving! Memang sedaaaaaaaaap!

So that was all I could afford for this year. When it comes to my turn, I would definitely request something bigger and grandeur! Happy Birthday my dear husband…


  1. Funny lah muka terpaksa birthday 'boy' kena pose with a baloon.LOL!~

    1. ituh laaa pasal... dora memang paksa die pose sbb nak laaa ader pic birthday boy... muka mcm drunken master pon ader....