Monday, February 04, 2013

Lunch at Ben's KLCC

On Thaipusam’s holiday, Uncle Din has to work while my appointments were full and mostly were in KL. Piya’s playschool was also close and being in this biz, YOU DON’T CANCEL THE APPOINMENTS unless the request comes from the customers. So, that leaves me with no options but just to bring Piya along with me attending all my appointments. As my bestie / mentor CDM Hanim was available, she accompanied me to the appointments.

I simply love having quality time with Kak Hanim because she will still find some time in between the appointments to ‘design’ my marketing strategy. She calls it “Branding Power”. Every people have different strength and capability. Hence, as a mentor, she is responsible to identify the virtues and mold us according to our best criteria. Interesting huh? That is why I love this biz; 

You are not alone

You have a lot of supporters

You have great mentors and leaders

You have a great team supporting your pillars

 One of our appointments were in KLCC so for lunch, we decided to give Ben’s a try. My goodness, the place is so comfortable, exclusive and serene. I simply love the sofa sets and dim lights. It kinda creates that sense of ease…  Really a great place for dinner with my husband (as if he would laaa kan….).  The food selection has a vast repertoire ranging from rice, pastas and spaghettis. While I was browsing the menu, Piya told me what she wanted to order “syyyyyik…. Nak syyyyik….!”… (Whaaaaat…? Here…? Tak sesuaaaai…). Piya nih memey anok ayoh laaaa…. Dok pade nok make nasik sini…. Sabor jer laaa…..

Eventually, I ordered wild mushroom spaghetti with white sauce for moir, French Fries for Piya and Kak Anim ordered Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti. Sedap siooooot…. The sauce for the fries was so good that Piya dip her shoes in it thinking it was funny. I had to bear the embarrassment to order a new one.

Seriously, dining at Ben’s was great. Besides, it was definitely a great spot for us to brainstorm on our marketing strategy for Premium Beautiful and Bio-Velocity. My words of wisdom once you are in this biz are; always remain in good rapport with your mentor. She will show you the path but it is subject to you to take action and make a difference.

Then as usual.... camwhoring...... or more of me conquering the camera....

 Only Allah knows how much I love this biz; we mix work and pleasure without feeling guilty at all.

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