Thursday, January 31, 2013

Food Comfort from Papa John Pizza

Subsequent from Piya’s admission to DEMC, we were scheduled for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Koshy on Thursday Jan 17, 2013. Piya’s fever has deterred but the phlegm was still around. It was rather unsettling for me every time she coughs as you can hear the wheezing. I do hope DEMC’s medicine is good enough to put the phlegm to rest.

While waiting for our turn at the Pediatrician’s lounge, Piya was engrossed fidgeting with the in-door playground. A patient who has been admitted for 9 days came along and played with Piya. Much to my surprise, Piya was so warm and friendly to strangers (just like her mama… auuuuw… *perasan…) that she instantly became friends with the girl. Uncle Din and I were very worried while observing Piya; she has so much adrenaline! It was tiresome waiting for her as she has so much energy. Sabor jer la.. 

Alhamdulillah Dr. Koshy cleared Piya and ensured us that she will be fine. He keeps reminding us the importance to observe her temperature in the event of another seizure is to occur. You see, once a child counter an experience with febrile fit, there is 30% of chance for her to stumble upon another seizure every time she is warm regardless of the temperature. Dr. Koshy explained that the acceleration happens in a short period which is prone to cause the child ended up with a seizure. In other words, this means that we cannot sleep and must keep an eye on her especially during the night when she encounters another fever. My goodness…………

Due to the overwhelming counter with the kind doctor, Uncle Din treated us dinner at Papa John’s Pizza at Plaza Massalam Sec.9 Shah Alam. Actually what draws our attention was their amazing offer; buy 1 regular 9” pizza and buy the 2nd pizza at RM0.10 only. YEAP, 10 cent ok….. But this offer suits for take-outs instead of dining-in. So we ended up ordering meal set which was quite ok. I’ve never tasted this brand before so I have no clue at all. And guess what? The pizza’s here tasted so good mainly because it tasted more like homemade pizzas. Seriously, it was that good.

See how good the food looks??
See how much we love the food?? (Or i yang hover sgt...?
So good that I decided to take-away 1 regular 9” and add 10 cent for the 2nd pizza. My take-away pizza cost me RM23.00 while the dine-in was RM29.90. ok laaa kan? 

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