Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chilling Out with CDM TAIPAN

Waaaa… ATM 181 is endeavor more and more exciting activities this year! Training class, motivation class, grooming class, business etiquette class and the latest spin-off is my favourite; CHILLING OUT WITH ATM LEADERS. Usually we would casually have our discussion at the academy with the presence of foods (of course) so for 2013 the leaders think it is time to have our casual discussion outside. yeaaaah!

The very 1st attempt took place at Makan Kitchen Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur on Saturday Jan 19, 2013. Prior to that, Zeffi had an Aqiqah for his son at his in-laws in Rawang.  I will share on that later. As I took Uncle Din and Piya to the Aqiqah, I had no other choice but to bring them along to the casual discussion. And boy, it was so much fun to have a casual discussion with the leaders as they let their hair down. When was the last time you had a cuppa tea with millionaires who cherish and welcome your presence?? I never had one and as far as I’m concern, I don’t think any millionaire would value my presence by her side!

The whole agenda was anchored by one of our great leaders; CDM Roshila. We at ATM 181 are totally in awe of her and pay great homage to Kak Shila. Kak Shila is the FIRST and ONLY CDM in the company that achieved the highest notch in JUST 4.5 MONTHS with a total earning of RM50, 000.00! Can you believe it that someone would achieve RM50k in just 4.5 months??  We call her the EXTRAORDINARY CDM. And to date, the record is still unbreakable. Memang giler....

It was truly a leisure evening; discussion over delicious foods (and not o mention too expensive for me). I was quite full upon my arrival but apparently Piya had a great appetite! Expensive taste… huh…  The food at Makan Kitchen was OK for me but doesn’t entirely suit my taste. The section was divided into 3 areas; Chinese, Malay and Indian food. The repertoire was mediocre though but I do enjoy some bits such as Wantan (I found wantan!) and the roasted duck. We had to hinder Piya from some foods as she was in recovery from her viral fever so Ayah managed to persuade Piya to engross with kerepek pisang.

 This is Wantan!!!

I was much keener on our group discussion. Kak Shila gave jewels of advice on marketing strategy, product knowledge, expounded on focusing on your focal strength and most importantly to identify your best forte. Oh my…….. I was so happy to be given the opportunity to have this discussion with Kak Shila and I took the opportunity to have a personal coaching with her! 

The aura coming from a successful millionaire is beyond reasons; it is inspiring, overwhelming and leave you in awe. This is the reason why our leaders in ATM 181 are approachable; they like to inculcate a virtue of “be committed to give value to others”. Our leaders like to inspire us with their perennial support, advice and taught us to be HAPPY. HAPPY is the key to success. 


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