Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Piya kecek Kelate

Assalam & Good day,

Piya has turned 14 months...... Wow... how time flies...  And suddenly I feel like sharing this entry..

Actually we visited our in-laws in Kelantan during school holidays recently but I did not make any entry on that. It was fun though; had special moments with my lovely SIL Kak Wan Mas at Pantai Tok Bali & not to forget the exact day Uncle Din and I turned 2 years of companionship was actually in Kelantan.

At that point of time, Piya was getting used of walking. She had ample sleep in the car hence she was so energetic upon arriving at Abah Tok's house. And oh wow....... I will never forget this: due to sufficient (or should I say surplus) sleep during the journey, Piya walked about the house for 7 hours non-stop. I was already like a walking zombie chasing her around. You see, Abah Tok's house is so huge so Piya kinda had the liberty to walk as much as she pleases.  We stayed for 5 days and it was truly an enjoyable visit. Always have been.

Piya dah makin rancak bercakap skrg nih... Bercakap, menyanyi, menari, berlari, memanjat, berguling, hantuk pale kat dinding, sky diving atas bantal2, peluk kucing, kejar kucing, lari dr Mama, crocodile tears and the list could go on and on. 2 days later upon returning from Kelantan, we notice Piya captured 2 significant words among Kelantanese......... .



Subhanallaaaaaaaaaaah........ Anak ku kecek kelate doh......

Takpe laa sayang, nanti mama ajar huayu pulak yea... Mulakan dgn Wo ai Ni ~ (pastu kuar lagu KRU dlm kepala....)


  1. i hope that aren't her favourite words, kakak. hehe!

    but it's still funny imagining piya says 'gappo?'. super cute!

  2. hello dear,

    those apparently have officially become her fav words... tegur paksu masa balik from Kelantan Piya terus kata "Gappo?".. terkejut paksu die... paksu tak paham kelantan, paksu tanya balik "Apa dia???"

    lawak tol...

  3. ahaha.. mmg budak-budak cepat belajar word baru.. kelakar je dgr.

  4. hye ayu,

    tuh laaa pasal...latest word JOM sbb saya selalu kata "jom piya... jom mandi... jom mandi... jom balik" :)