Monday, July 23, 2012

Duit Raya RM4,500

Salam Ramadhan everyone!

Finally the most anticipated time of the year has arrived. J As Muslims, we are supposed to appreciate Ramadhan more than Syawal. The reason being is Ramadhan is the only month of the year where all our good deeds are rewarded extensively, sins forgiven by Allah, more opportunities to improve oneself and most importantly self-reflection. But still, people tend to ignore this and are more anxious for Syawal to come. Never mind, like my mother use to say “Everyone has their own mind. Don’t be bothered.” *gulp!

Nevertheless, there is one thing though that everyone would mutually agree upon which is the surplus expenses. In Ramadhan we need money for iftar with family & friends. Unless you are like Uncle Din whom prior to marrying me he save a lot by iftar at mosques. But Syawal is subsequent to Ramadhan no? Then here comes the required budget for baju raya, langsir raya, nak hias umah whatnot & when you have children you’ll start to scout the cutest baju raya for them. Furthermore, it is an obligations for some of us to pay the zakat & we are highly encouraged to sedekah. 

And finally as dawn erases darkness to welcome Syawal, you’ll be preparing Ringgit notes into small angpow packets for parents, children and kids that you stumble upon with. Then there is also the budget to balik kampung where you must service your car, petrol & tolls. 

Irrefutably Ramadhan is the holy month while Syawal is where Muslims celebrate the victory of enduring Ramadhan. Hence, it is irrefutable that we would spend more during Ramadhan & Syawal. In short, how much do you reckon the grand total would be?

GRAND TOTAL = 3,450.00


So what are your initiatives to comprehend these demands? 

1 – Bonus from your firm?
2 – Doing small business?
3 – Utilize credit card?
4 – Personal loan?

If you may, I would rather propose a Hari Raya Project where you can gain your 1st bonus around RM4,500 ~ RM11,000; subject to your will. On top of this, you have the opportunity to join a 5-star holiday trip to London & Paris; business class flight & 5-star hotel lodging @ FOC next year.


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