Monday, June 25, 2012

Health & Beauty : The Right Posture

What is your posture ladies? Can you vouch me that you are standing and sitting at the right posture? Did you know that being in the wrong posture has many side effects?

Among the reason why I decided to venture in Premium Beautiful is because PB corrects your posture w/o putting in much effort. You see, like many other women, I too, used to walk with hunched shoulders. Well, during my adolescences years, I was towering my friends and people keep teasing me with names like ‘tiang elektrik’. So I had to hunch to be equally even with them and the habit remains. I changed my walking posture only recently after donning Premium Beautiful; as the snipper INISIST you to sit straight and walk tall. Besides, it is vital for women to sit and walk in the right posture.

So, which posture would you like to flaunt?