Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Be BEAUTIFUL on your Wedding day!

I did some blog walking recently and I couldn’t help but noticing that most women out there (especially the brides to be) are really determines to lose weight. Besides B2B, post-natal moms are also another group of people that is very eager to get back in shape. This is neither new nor peculiar. But what fascinates me (or should I say scares me?) is the fact that these cluster of people are leaning more towards starvation / diet compared to exercising. 

I couldn’t agree more that exercise is the best health & beauty regime in order to lose weight. Diet is good but if it is practiced wrongly you will end up having a bloated body. TELL ME about it. If you want to diet, I surmised that these are the foods to be strike-off your norm daily meals:-

1. Oily & fried foods
2. Fast food (I know I know…everyone loves Mc Donalds)
3. All forms of noodles especially that yellow fat noodles…Bihun is good though..
4. Reduce rice consumption
5. Carbonated drinks
6. White bread
7. ooohh.. No meals after 7.00 pm
8. Avoid instant foods like sausage. Burgers, nuggets
9. Avoid cheeeeeeeeseeeeee……